FFXIV: For The Winsome Event Guide

Here is a brief guide to the event quest for Chapter One.
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The Lightning quest line is live. Today starts Chapter One of the quest line, For The Winsome. Talking to Petyr Winsome in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks will initiate chapter one. Petyr sends you out to fight in one of two FATEs, both of which require you to level sync.

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Here is where you’ll find Petyr.

The first FATE option takes you to Middle La Noscea, you can get there by teleporting to Summerford Farms. The FATE you’re looking for is located in the northern section of the zone. If you’re not sure about the location, just look for the massive group of people standing around.

This is the location of the first FATE.

The second FATE is located in Western La Noscea, east of Aleport. There, you’re waiting for the dodo Gertrude to spawn. If you’re unsure of your location, look for the big group of people.

You can find the Gertrude FATE here.

The catch with these FATEs isn’t that you get Gold or Silver. I’m sure they determine whether you get one or two Otherworldly Parcels, but it’s all dependant on Lightning. If Lightning doesn’t appear, than you don’t get the Parcels. It may take some time to clear this chapter if you’re unlucky. Once you get one Parcel, you can turn it in to Petyr to finish the chapter. Extra Parcels are used for acquiring the weapons from the NPC next to Petyr.

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