FFXIV Halloween Event 2023 Guide

Everything you need to know about All Saints' Wake 2023 in FFXIV!

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All Saints’ Wake 2023 has been officially announced with its details on the event website. Here’s your guide to the FFXIV Halloween 2023 Event, and all the details we have for it.

FFXIV Halloween Event 2023 Guide

This year’s tagline for the event is “What Could Taste Better Than Fear?” and it begins on October 27 at 1 a.m. PST.

Starting All Saints’ Wake in 2023

Like previous years and other seasonal events, you need to be Level 15 in a Disciple of War or Magic class. Then, you can pick up “The Fright Stuff” quest in Old Gridania (X: 10.4, Y: 8.4) from the Adventurers’ Guild Investigator. Once you complete this quest, you’ll earn the event rewards for 2023 and pick up items that were rewarded in previous years’ events.

All Saints’ Wake 2023 Rewards

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The first reward is the All Saints’ Charm Emote. Your WoL pulls out a wand and conjures up a big star. While it might not be scary, it’s a trick that acts as a treat for your eyes. Then, you can also pick up the new Wall-Mounted Vampire Bats decoration item for your house or apartment. Add a spooky vibe to your walls with this set of bats and their glowing eyes.

You can get other items from previous events at the event vendor (The Bespectacled Peddler). Plus, more items from years past were added to the FFXIV Online Store. These include the Eat Pumpkin Cookie Emote from last year’s All Saints’ Wake. Plus, there’s the new Wake Doctor’s Attire and Authentic Caged Wisp.

And that covers our guide and all the details we have for the FFXIV Halloween 2023 Event, All Saints’ Wake! The event only runs until November 13 at 6:59 a.m. PST. So make sure you get everything you want from it before then. Otherwise, check out our FFXIV guides hub for more topics like how to get the Colorful Carrotsol or how to get Lunatender Blossom.

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