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FFXIV: How to Get the Hand to Heart Emote

How to get the Hand to Heart Emote in FFXIV requires a bit of PvP.

With a new FFXIV patch comes a new emote, and this time the 6.4 has introduced the Hand to Heart emote to the already long list of emotes you can grab in-game. This time around it requires something a little different from most of the other emotes, and in this guide we’re going to go over how to get Hand to Heart.

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FFXIV: Where to Get the Hand to Heart Emote

Officially called “Heartfelt Sincerity,” this new emote requires you to play the new season of Crystalline Conflict as you’ll receive it as one of the Malmstone rewards for this series.

If you’re like me and haven’t unlocked the Crystalline Conflict yet, then you’ll want to head to the Wolf’s Den Pier Aetheryte and speak with Gungi Zelungi at (X:4.9, Y:6.3).

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The quest you receive is a quick overview of Crystalline Conflict, and then you’ll be able to hop into the arena yourself to start earning Series Points.

How to Get Series Points in Crystalline Conflict

Luckily, you don’t need to get too many Series Points to unlock the Hand to Heart Emote. It’s given as the fifth Malmstone reward for Series 4 (the current series).

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After unlocking Crystalline Conflict, you’ll be able to select it in Duty Finder, and you’ll notice that there are both Casual and Ranked versions.

I prefer Casual over Ranked, and you’ll get Series Exp from both versions, so you don’t need to feel pressure to play Ranked. While you’ll get more Exp for winning a match, you’ll receive Exp for winning or losing, which makes it a bit easier to earn Malmstone rewards.

The only version of Crystalline Conflict that doesn’t reward Series Exp is Custom.

But from there, you’ll be able to get the Hand to Heart Emote after spending some time in the arena. We have more FFXIV guides available such as how to unlock Eureka Orthos.

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