Want to make the Battered Fish Recipe in FFXIV? You'll need to find Haddock and several other ingredients. Here's how!

FFXIV: How to Make the Battered Fish Recipe

Want to make the Battered Fish Recipe in FFXIV? You'll need to find Haddock and several other ingredients. Here's how!
This article is over 6 years old and may contain outdated information

As another Moonfire Faire has passed — and so too has passed an opportunity to make the Battered Fish meal in FFXIV.

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The Battered Fish recipe has been a point of contention for a while, with players proclaiming the lunacy of requiring a specific holiday event to obtain the ingredients. This recipe consists of:

  • Water Shard
  • Fire Shard
  • Popoto
  • Olive Oil
  • Table Salt
  • Haddock

How to Get All Ingredients for the Battered Fish Recipe in FFXIV

The Fire and Water Shards are pretty easy to find. Mining, quarrying, logging, and harvesting are good ways to get massive amounts of both shards. They also come as quest rewards for a ton of quests. Certain enemies will drop these Shards as well. Fire Sprites and Firemane in Halatia drop Fire Shards, while Water Sprites in Middle La Noscea and Stagnant Water Sprites from Central Shroud will drop Water Shards.  

Popotos are another easy ingredient to find. You’ll need to have the Botanist gathering class and find level 18 harvesting nodes.

Aside from that, Olive Oil and Table Salt can be found in Novv’s Nursery — sold by Sahagin Vendor for 8 gil and 2 gil, respectively. 

How to Get Haddock

The final ingredient, Haddock, is the biggest pain. It’s important to point out that the Haddock required for the Battered Fish recipe is NOT the same as the Haraldr Haddock. This infuriating little fish is only available from one vendor, the Festive Fisher, during the Moonfire Faire event.

The Moonfire Faire happened once in 2015, and again earlier this year, but that hasn’t stopped players from trying their hardest to figure out how to complete the recipe. The fish is Market Prohibited, but there is a way around it. 

Some players have found success by going through the party finder system, stating that they are looking for Haddock and have been lucky enough to find someone willing to trade them some. So if you really want to make that Battered Fish recipe, this will probably be your best bet.

The prospect of waiting for another Moonfire Faire is appalling to most players. When you’re aiming for completion, having to wait for an event to come back around is one of the most frustrating things. But it’s not impossible to complete the Battered Fish recipe if you’re willing to hunt through the Party Finder for Haddock to trade. It’s way less annoying than waiting around for two more years.

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