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How to Complete the Urban Country Challenge in BitLife

Dominate the music scene as an R&B and Country star!

This week, we show our love and dedication to music by becoming a famous musician. But because of the design of these tasks, you need to own the Musician Special Job Pack to participate. If you have the pack and you’re ready to go, here’s how to complete the Urban Country Challenge in BitLife.

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Your challenges this week are:

  • Be born a female in Louisiana.
  • Become an R&B artist.
  • Release a platinum R&B album.
  • Become a country musician after releasing a platinum R&B album.
  • Release a platinum country album.

Be Born a Female in Louisiana

First, we’re making a Custom Life. Select Female for your gender. Then, choose The United States as your country and New Orleans as your place. Now, you also need to pick Music for your Special Talent. Once you make your character, make sure you take lessons for an instrument or voice lessons while growing up. You find these in Activities > Mind & Body. Voice and guitar are your best choices for this challenge.

Become an R&B Artist

After graduating high school, it’s time to get into the world of music. Although you can go right into the special career section, it’s actually easier to get signed as an artist if you go to college and major in Music. Then, your chances are even higher if you spend a few years working as a Music Composer. After that, go to Special Careers > Music.

You can audition as a Solo Artist for each record label and try to join a band for various positions each year. If you don’t get signed, keep working as a Music Composer and try again next year. Make sure you pay attention to the genre offered for your contract. As you see above, I got an offer for Pop, but I had to turn it down because it’s not the right genre.

Release a Platinum R&B (and Country) Album

This task is something you want to repeat every year until you check it off. To make an album, go into your job menu and hit Album. Try to choose a title, song title, and cover art that fits your genre. This part is entirely RNG, so it can take several years. The album doesn’t need to hit platinum at its release. It’s possible that you’ll get a message after a few years that one of your early albums hit platinum, and that counts for this task.

Once you complete this task, you need to become a Country singer and do it all again. Luckily, your established fame makes the second time a bit easier. However, you still rely on RNG for success here.

Become a Country Musician After Releasing a Platinum R&B Album

After you release a platinum album, leave your band or record label. Then, repeat the process of auditioning to join a new band or record label if you want to work solo. Keep doing this until you get a country contract, then sign it. That completes this task, and your final task is to release another platinum album, but this time, it has to be a country album.

That’s how to complete the Urban Country Challenge in BitLife. By design, it can take a lot of time simply because of RNG. But from here, you can find more tips and tricks on our BitLife guide hub.

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