FFXIV Ifrit Guide

The level 20 Ifrit battle guide.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Warning: if you haven’t hit level 20 there are possible spoilers in this guide. I realised I never put up an Ifrit guide for the level 20 story mode fight in Final Fantasy XIV. If you have read my E3 version guide, it’s pretty similar to that with a four person team instead of an eight person team. For those that haven’t seen it though, I will write it up based on the level 20 fight.

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Basic Pre-Fight

This is the first really difficult fight in the game, the three dungeons before Ifrit are pretty simple and are more introductions to the Duty Finder and party mechanics. First you’ll want to make sure you have food with the appropriate stats for your class, when entering the Duty Finder, food stats are really important. Also make sure your gear is fully repaired as you may wipe several times on your first attempt. After both of these things are done you are ready to enter the Duty Finder

Phase 1

So phase one is pretty straight forward. He has only one attack that’s really annoying, and that’s the knockback. In this phase, you will see little red cracks light up on the ground; you’ll want to move out of these since they will damage anyone standing in them. As far as I can tell there is no way to avoid the knockback attack if you’re a melee-based character, so just be prepared if he hits you with it. Try to stay behind Ifrit and you should be alright. At around 50%, Ifrit will transition into phase 2.

Phase 2

Phase two starts off with Ifrit summoning a crystal in the center of the arena. The DPS will need to burn this crystal down immediately. If you fail to break this crystal before Ifrit jumps, you will die to Hellfire. If you succeed you will still take a massive amount of damage, but you should survive. During the remainder of the fight, Ifrit will still use the phase one attacks. Ifrit also has a new attack during this phase, he will place red circles on the ground; you do not want to be standing in those. The red circles become flame spouts that will do massive damage. Other than that there is really nothing else to the fight.

If you have any questions, comments, or a request for a specific guide please leave a comment below. Also please share this with everyone so that the community will grow together. For more guides please check my all encompassing list of guides.

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