FFXIV Leveling Guide I: Getting Started

The first segment of my Guide to Final Fantasy XIV the pre-leveling segment.

The first segment of my Guide to Final Fantasy XIV the pre-leveling segment.
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I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn since its Beta kickoff. Since I’ve had to recreate characters several times, I’ve learned a few tricks to leveling. In preparation of the phase 4 I decided I would share some of my strategies. In part 1 of this guide I’ll be covering all of the following.

  • Starting zones – Gridania, Limsa Lominsa, and Ul’dah.
  • Class/Job progression chart

Starting Zones

You can only pick a battle class as your starting class (mage or melee/ranged) so keep that in mind. The class you pick determines where you start. If you are playing solo, pick a class that will start you out where you want to be for your endgame. If you are starting with a friend work out where you want to start and how you want to reach your goals. After completing the level 15 main scenario quest you can go to the other two starting zones so it’s only a minor setback if you pick wrong at the start.


Gridania hosts three starting classes, Archer, Lancer, and Conjurer. You can also unlock Carpenter, Leather Worker, and Botanist, as well as the two starting classes other than the one you picked. There are no tanks classes in Gridania so if you want to tank this is not the starting zone for you.

Lomsa Lominsa

Lomsa Lominsa hosts 2 battle classes, Marauder and Arcanist. Arcanist is the first branching class, branching into both Scholar and Summoner. Scholar is a healing job. I’m not sure how Summoner works yet as no one has been allowed to play as either Arcanist or it’s two jobs yet. Marauder is a hybrid tank class. While it’s set up to tank, it can also be a dps if your group has a Gladiator or another Marauder. For endgame Marauder will be used as an off tank more often than a main tank. Limsa Lominsa also houses the Musketeers guild but so far between 1.0 and the beta no word has come on when this guild will allow you to join. You can also unlock Culinarian, Armorer, Blacksmith, and Fisherman.


Ul’dah hosts 3 battle classes like Gridania. You can start as Pugilist, Gladiator, or Thaumaturge. Ul’dah is without a healer class so if you want to heal this is not the zone you want to start in.Gladiator is your standard sword and shield tank class leading into Paladin as a Job. Pugilist and Thaumaturge are both heavy dps, Pugilist melee and Thaumaturge is a mage. You can also unlock Miner, Goldsmith, Weaver, and Alchemist in Ul’dah.

Class to Job requirements table

Jobs will be on the left with their requirements on the right. These are the 1.0 requirements so this could change upon phase 4 when the job quests are released. Summoner and Scholar are unknowns the only thing known is that they are branches of Archanist.

  • Paladin           Gladiator lvl 30+, Conjurer lvl 15+
  • Monk              Pugilist lvl 30+, Lancer lvl 15+
  • Warrior           Marauder lvl 30+, Gladiator lvl 15+
  • Dragoon         Lancer lvl 30+, Pugilist lvl 15+
  • Bard               Archer lvl 30+, Conjurer lvl 15+
  • White Mage   Conjurer lvl 30+, Gladiator lvl 15+
  • Black Mage   Thaumaturge lvl 30+, Pugilist lvl 15+
  • Summoner     Archanist(unknown)
  • Scholar           Archanist(unknown)

Now that you know a general basis of how to get to the job you want and the area you want to start you are ready to start your journey. I will cover more in the following segments of this guide. I hope this guide has been helpful so far. The links will be posted in the comments I can’t make them work. For more guides please check my all encompassing list of guides.

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