FFXIV Leveling Guide II: Experience

Primary leveling strategies within the game for your battle classes.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

I previously covered the basics of getting started within Final Fantasy XIV. This segment I will cover the primary means of getting experience for your battle classes.

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  • Questing a generalised path to take on your questing.
  • FATE– these can be really fun, but recommended to do with other people.
  • Dungeons-How to not let the team down so that you can complete the dungeon fast earning good exp.
  • Hunting Logs
    • The Class/Job hunting logs are a good way to get exp if you know where to go.
    • The Grand Company Logs don’t actually give experience but still worth completing.


Questing is pretty simple, do the quests. On uncovered portions of maps the quests are marked for you so it’s easy. I’d advise you to do the starting zone in-city quests. It’s a bunch of running around but it gets you to about level 3 with little actual effort. Do both of the outside regions’ multitude of quests. Make sure you keep up with your class quests, so that once you hit 10 you can unlock more classes to play with.

If you have way out leveled a quest, which tends to happen, save the quest for another class. Your main scenario quests will unlock the ability to travel between starter cities at level 15 if you keep up with those quests. I am usually 16-17 by the time I actually make it to that point. Continue to do the at level quests as you discover them because the rewards are definitely worth it.


A FATE is a dynamic event that will happen randomly throughout the areas. These will get you experience, Gil, and Seals assuming you have joined a Grand Company, which becomes available after the main scenario level 20 battle. If you are to high for the FATE you can level sync down to take part and earn rewards. The game will let you know if your level is too high, and also put a level sync button in your quest tracker. Try to do these with other people, the clear a set amount of monsters ones are generally soloable if done right, but the others are not.


After a certain point you will be able to enter dungeons if you meet the prerequisite. Dungeons are primarily for gear farming, but with a good group you could get a decent amount of experience by keeping your chains going. You can also clear pages of your Hunting Log in some dungeons so that’s a huge boost in experience. If you decide to farm dungeons for gear you will level a couple times in the process if you go for all of it. The randomness of gear is a bit annoying on occasion.

Hunting Logs

Class/Job Hunting Logs

Once you join a battle class guild you will receive a hunting log, for your first class the main scenario will take you through it. Your Hunting Log consists of targets that you need to eliminate a certain number of, each page increases with difficulty. If you do your log pages in conjunction with quests it speeds up the process of leveling. There are also currently 5 difficulty level tiers I like to refer to them as chapters but that’s not their official term. However these chapters are level and completion based for unlocking. Chapter 1 will unlock upon getting the log and the level range goes from 1 to 10. Upon completing chapter 1 and getting to level 10 you will unlock chapter 2. Chapter levels are increments of 10s . Also upon completing a chapter you will get a much larger amount of experience than the normal pages.

Grand Company Log

The Grand Company log does not give experience so I really havent completed much on it. It does give you Seals though so it’s worth completing. The first tier seems to be a lot of dungeon targets, which is convenient in my opinion.

That concludes the second segment of my guide I hope this has been helpful in your leveling needs. For the rest of the guide please go to the following links; Getting Started and Advanced. For more guides please check my all encompassing list of guides.

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