FFXIV: Pharos Sirius Guide – First Boss

A Guide to beating Symond the Unsinkable in Pharos Sirius

A Guide to beating Symond the Unsinkable in Pharos Sirius

Of course the first thing to do on new patch day is check out new content. I’ve run into a bit of a snag though, the first boss of Pharos Sirius is a bit tricky. Symond The Unsinkable has a lot of new mechanics.

A few things of note:

  • Adds will not be tanked. If you try to tank them the tank will die from getting 3 stacks of a new debuff (Corrupted Crystal). The attack is called Corrupting Spit.
  • The big yellow ground (Crystaline Shot) AoE grows in size 3 times. You get a debuff for touching it so be warry of that.
  • The big AoE Giga Slash has a knockback effect. The tank shoulds be on the wall, so shouldn’t get knocked back.

The battle is really fast paced, and Corrupting Spit has almost no warning. The DPS and Healer have to stay on their toes. The only person who can afford to be mostly stationary is the tank. If you find the DPS are struggling to kill the adds quickly, the tank can pick up a max of one. The DPS will need to pull it off the tank ASAP though.

Giga Slash doesn’t start until below around 30%. Once you’re at about 10%, a single target DPS can peel off the adds and limit break the boss. Otherwise, use AoE limit break on the adds and kill the boss.

The trick to the fight is slow DPS. The number of adds you have up is determined by how fast you’re killing him. Adds spawn in relation to HP percentage. If you skip a wave it spawns immediately. Have only the tank on the boss and everyone else focus the adds and avoid attacks.

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