FFXIV: Pharos Sirius Guide – Second Boss

Here is a guide for Zu in Pharos Sirius.

The second boss of Pharos Sirius is Zu. Zu is a giant bird, same as in every other Final Fantasy game. This boss is much simpler than the first boss. You don’t have to slow the damage for Zu so you can just fight like normal.

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A Few Things Of Note:

  • You can kill one egg from each hatching.
  • Killing one egg gives Zu 8 stacks.
  • At 15 stacks Zu starts doing a flop attack that deals massive damage. 
  • The spotted eggs spawn the ranged adds, destroy that egg instead of the plain egg if you have a choice.

Zu’s basic attack is a frontal AoE, so the tank needs to pick a spot and stand there. Be careful of using AoE attacks on Zu if the tank doesn’t tank in the middle. When Zu goes up in the air, it will target the person with the highest aggro. At this point it will do three aoe blasts centered on the target. If you’re not already in motion when the telegraph appears you will get hit.

This is a pretty basic fight, not much to avoid. Adds die quickly enough that there isn’t much need to tank them. Make sure you check out my walkthrough for Symond the Unsinkable, and my list of FFXIV guides.

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