FFXIV: Pharos Sirius – Third Boss Tyrant

Here is the guide for Tyrant, the third boss of Pharos Sirius.

Here is the guide for Tyrant, the third boss of Pharos Sirius.

The third boss of Pharos Sirius is Tyrant and this fight is hard if you don’t have heavy dps. Tyrant spawns sets of three zombies. I haven’t confirmed if they are HP percentage based like Symond or if they are time based. We had three minutes left in the dungeon when starting the fight.

Basically we said screw it and zerged it down. From what we saw the strategy might actually be a DPS race. The speed that Tyrant died made it feel like it’s designed to just kill. I recommend trying to rush it down. If the zerg method doesn’t work, clear the adds and then kill Tyrant.

UPDATE: After some more testing, I have comfirmed this fight is merely a DPS race. You can kill it while clearing adds, but there’s no point. Tyrant will start doing an AoE attack arround him if not killed fast enough. I didn’t take a hit from it to see what would happen, but it’s pretty easy to avoid.

There isn’t a whole lot to this fight. I honestly wasn’t expecting us to down it with three minutes left. If there is more to the fight I’ll post it here when I go another round with Pharos Sirius. Make sure you check out my list of FFXIV guides for more new walkthroughs.

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