FFXIV: Seeking The Scoop Guide

A guide for chapter two of the Lightning event, Seeking The Scoop.
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This guide will cover chapter two of the Lightning quest line, Seeking The Scoop. If you happened to miss it, I also have a guide on chapter one, For The Winsome. Seeking The Scoop takes you to Uldah’s Steps of Nald. The NPC reporter, Dural Thural, that starts the chapter can be found at the north exit out-of-town.

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Here is a map of Dural Thural’s location.

Dural Thural will tell you he is looking for information on Lightning. That ever since Petyr Winsome’s report, Lightning has been the topic of everyone’s interest in Uldah. He will also tell you that there have been sightings of Lightning in Thanalan, and that he needs you to confirm them. Dural will give you two options on where to go, Eastern Thanalan around Highbridge, or Southern Thanalan near Little Ala Mihgo. In both locations the FATE is called Lightning Strikes – Armored Beast.

I personally went to the Little Ala Mihgo location to complete the quest. If you exit out the east side of camp you should be really close to the spawn point. As far as the FATE, this is a special FATE that did not exist prior to this event.

Here is where the FATE spawns in Southern Thanalan.

In Eastern Thanalan, the FATE spawns in the northeast corner of the map. It’s a long trek, so I suggest just doing the one in Southern Thanalan.

Here is the spot in Eastern Thanalan.

The monster in both locations is a Final Fantasy XIII version of a Behemoth. It’s a lot smaller then the Behemoth in Coerthas, and a lot easier. Once the FATE is over, assuming you had room in your inventory, return to Dural to complete the quest.

That wraps up this walkthrough, for more check out my list of FFXIV guides.

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