FFXIV: The Whorleater Hard Leviathan Fight Guide

A general tips guide to the Leviathan Hard Mode fight.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Overall, this fight is mostly common sense. First and foremost, appoint a switch pusher. The shield needs to be activated for Tidal Wave. Once you have designated a person to push the switch, designate tanks. One needs to tank the head, and the other tanks the tail once it spawns.

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Things Of Note:
  • Kill Adds: The Sahagin are pretty easy to kill, the yellow orbs seem to take longer though. From what I gather in the fight, the yellow orbs depleted the shield energy. Make sure you kill these orbs fast.
  • Group Mid: When Leviathan goes under it’s best to group mid to avoid the deckflops. I didn’t really see a way to decipher between Spinning Dive and the flops though, so stay aware of your surroundings. As you can see in the video, Spinning Dive doesn’t do much damage, I took about 1300 damage from the one that hit me.
  • Aqua Breath: This attack is really strange, but did only around 450 damage. I’m not sure if there is a way to avoid this attack, but like I said it did little damage.
  • Hysteria: Leviathan adds a debuff to players that forces them to run away. I only got it put on me once, due to the deckflop pulling me through a ground AoE circle. Avoid the blue circle and make sure you position to avoid getting pulled through.
  • Tidal Wave: In this fight he did Tidal Wave at an awkward interval. Leviathan was below 50% and above 33% HP. I’m not sure what the trigger is for Tidal Wave I may need to run a few more to get a clear understanding of it. Make sure you push the button for Tidal Wave though. As you can see in the video, there really wasn’t any warning it just kind of happened.

Just watch the video for a good understanding of the fight. Ignore my derpyness and follow Leviathan. I tried to capture every detail of the fight, even as a frontline, which is why I went Dragoon instead of Warrior. For more Patch 2.2 guides, check out my FFXIV directory.

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