FFXIV Valentoine’s Better Letters Answers Guide

All the correct answers for the optional Better Letters event quest in FFXIV's Valentoine's Day 2022 event.

All the correct answers for the optional Better Letters event quest in FFXIV's Valentoine's Day 2022 event.

It’s time for the Valentoine’s Day event in Final Fantasy XIV, this time with a piece of furniture and a fancy Postmoogle chocobo barding up for grabs rather than a glamour set or piece. The Better Letters repeatable quest is a totally optional portion of the event that doesn’t grant any meaningful rewards, but some players might prefer to see the ideal outcomes of each scenario presented in Better Letters.

Just to note, Better Letters is totally optional because the Prismatic Heart (Left) and Prismatic Heart (Right) are both available for sale at the House Valentoine Maid NPC right outside of the amphitheatre. She also sells the event-exclusive Valentoine Mobile, which may or may not find its way on basically every one of FFXIV’s RP and event venue’s walls from now to the end of the month.

FFXIV Better Letters Answers

You can start Better Letters by talking to Pukty Piko once you’ve finished the main event quest No Love Lost, which requires you be at least level 15 to initiate.

Once you complete No Love Lost, talk to Pukty Piko and you’ll be presented with five different scenarios of people needing to write letters for one reason or another.

You’re tasked with helping them write their letters, and have to make two choices per letter writing scenario. There is only one good ending each, though you’ll still receive 10 Prismatic Heart (Left) and 10 Prismatic Heart (Right) regardless of your choices.

Below are all five scenarios and their correct answers:

  • The emissary of penned passions.
    • Keep it simple and straightforward.
    • Forthrightly!
  • The nameless adventurer.
    • Show contrition and gratitude in equal measure.
    • That failure is a novice’s best learning tool.
  • The winsome Padjal.
    • Show that you’re serious by observing proper letter-writing etiquette.
    • It should be from both her and her brother.
  • The one who dreams of the wider world.
    • Thank him for all his encouragement.
    • Support him in his endeavors as he supports you in yours.
  • The one redolent of boughs.
    • To my beautiful branch, Feo Ul!
    • Attach flowers and chocolate to your letter.

With these answers, you’ll get all the best outcomes in the Better Letters quest. Though again, you do not have to do it at all if you don’t want as the Prismatic Hearts are available via an event NPC as well. At least the Postmoogle Barding is absolutely adorable! Check out some of our other FFXIV: Endwalker guides here on GameSkinny, such as how to get every FFXIV hairstyle or even how to get every FFXIV emote.

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