FFXIV Unlockable Hairstyle Guide List

How to unlock each of FFXIV's extra hairstyles, though some are out of reach for now.

Though most of Final Fantasy XIV's hairstyles are available by default, there are a handful that have to be unlocked by other means. Some of the easier hairstyle unlocks can be done with little effort, but getting them all is a trying and a potentially impossible effort.

Below we're going to go over all the unlockable hairstyles in FFXIV and how you can get them, though be warned that Viera and Hrothgar are essentially stuck with their default options!

I took pictures of the front and back of styles I have unlocked on my main, which is a female Lalafell.

Note that trial players can unlock most of these hairstyles, save for a few exceptions, but they cannot make purchases on the Mogstation without upgrading their account.

Modern Aesthetics — Adventure

This style can be purchased at the Gold Saucer for 14 MGP. The ribbon color on the female version can't be changed, making it tricky to match with some outfits. The male version does not feature the ponytail and is a more sideways cropped cut.

Modern Aesthetics — Controlled Chaos

This style can be purchased from the scrip exchange in the Firmament for 1,800 Skybuilder's Scrips. If you don't feel like grinding out scrips, you can also purchase it off the Market Board. This looks the same on both genders.

Modern Aesthetics — Curls

You can pick this hairstyle up at the Gold Saucer for 9,600 MGP. It is an afro, use it well! It looks the same on all characters.

Modern Aesthetics — Eternal Bonding

Those that undertake the Ceremony of Eternal Bonding will be granted this special style, even the free Promise of Innocence option. This is a short, conservative cut on males and a flowery, conservative bun on females.

Modern Aesthetics — Fashionably Feathered

This one can be grabbed up from the Wolves' Den Provisioner for a whopping 18,000 Wolf Marks. It looks the same on both genders.

Modern Aesthetics — Form and Function

If you get lucky, you may be able to get this hairstyle out of a Silver and Gold Bunny Lockboxes from Eureka Pyros. Alternatively, it can be sold and may be found on your server's Market Board. It looks the same on both males and females.

Modern Aesthetics — Great Lengths

This one can be picked up at the Gold Saucer for 30,000 MGP, and it is identical on males and females. It's quite long, as you can see above.

Modern Aesthetics — Gyr Abanian Plait

This style is as popular as it is expensive and boasts being the most robust hairstyle outside of the default options. This can be obtained via Silver-haloed sacks found in Heaven on High or bought off the Market Board if you've got the coin. This also looks the same on either gender.

Modern Aesthetics — Lexen-tails

This more formal hairstyle costs 50,000 MGP at the Gold Saucer, after you've completed the Orbonne Monastery raid. It looks like the above for females, with males getting a tendril sticking out of the top and a tighter ponytail instead.

Modern Aesthetics — Lucian Locks

Taking notes from Final Fantasy XV, Lucian Locks brings Prince Noctis' hairstyle to XIV — the problem is this hairstyle is locked to the FFXV collaboration event and is unobtainable otherwise. It looks the same on either gender.

This hairstyle is a Mogstation exclusive and is tied to Aymeric's Attire, and there is no way to unlock it otherwise.

Modern Aesthetics — Modern Legend

A total throwback, Modern Legend looks just like the Fighter hair from the very first Final Fantasy game. This can be purchased from the scrip exchange at the Firmament for 1,800 Skybuilders' Scrips. You can also buy it on the Market Board.

Modern Aesthetics — Ponytails

Another Gold Saucer hairstyle, this one can be picked up for a mere 8,000 MGP.

Modern Aesthetics — Pulse

A must-have for Final Fantasy XIII fans, Pulse grants either Snow or Lightning's hairstyle depending on whether your character is male or female. Chances are the FFXIII collab isn't coming back, so you'll have to pick this one up on the Mogstation with either the Lightning or Snow attire.

Modern Aesthetics — Rainmaker

This hairstyle was only available for purchase at the Gold Saucer during the Make It Rain event, which was last seen in 2018. It looks the same on both genders.

Modern Aesthetics — Samsonian Locks

This style can be obtained via Bronze-trimmed Sacks found in Palace of the Dead, but if you don't feel like grinding, it's one of the cheaper hairstyles on the Market Board. The only difference between this style on men is they do not have the clip seen at the front above.

Modern Aesthetics — Scion Special Issue

This is Minfillia's signature hair, and it is only available for females on the Mogstation via her attire.

Modern Aesthetics — Scion Special Issue II

This is Thancred's signature hair, and it is only available for males on the Mogstation via his attire.

Modern Aesthetics — Scion Special Issue III

This is Y'shtola's signature hairstyle. This one is also only available on the Mogstation for female characters via Y'shtola's attire.

Modern Aesthetics — Strife

Final Fantasy VII's Cloud had to be represented here, but his hair was only available during the 2018 fan festival. It looks the same on both genders and is appropriately pointy.

Modern Aesthetics — Styled for Hire

This windswept style is only available in the Wolves' Den for a full 18,000 Wolf Marks.

And that is the end for the current unlockable hairstyles in Final Fantasy XIV, as we march on forward to patch 5.4 in the coming weeks. Check out our other FFXIV guides, and have fun out there in Eorzea.

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Published Aug. 28th 2020

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