FFXIV: Wonder And Lightning Guide

A guide to the final chapter of the Lightning event.
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The final chapter in the Lightning quest line has launched. If you’re just getting around to starting the event, check out my For the Winsome, Seeking the Scoop, and The Knight’s Passage guides. For this chapter, you return to Kipih in Old Gridania. For those who can’t remember, she is located in the amphitheatre.

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Here’s Kipih’s location.

During the dialogue, you get some fluff to explain why there is a Miqo’te outfit in Lightning Returns. More importantly, however, Kipih informs you that demons were attacking Lightning. She says that Lightning was last seen in Mor Dhona, and sends you off to assist her.

I had a bit of difficulty finding the FATE spawn, though it turns out I just walked past the group of people waiting for it. The FATE is located along the path on the Eastern side of Mor Dhona.

The location of the FATEs.

The FATE is two-part this time. In the first, you’re fighting waves of a monster called Anubys, which die really fast. This part has no effect on the quest. Part two is the one that gives you quest credit. The Aspect of Chaos will spawn just after the Anubys FATE ends, but there will be a delay between the FATEs.

Aspect of Chaos.

Upon completing both FATEs, return to Kipih for a final cutscene with Lightning. If you’ve found these walkthroughs helpful, take a look at my others in my list of FFXIV guides.

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