FFXV: A New Empire Beginner’s Guide

Just downloaded FFXV: A New Empire and don't know what to do? Here are some basic tips to help you get started with this mobile adventure.

Just downloaded FFXV: A New Empire and don't know what to do? Here are some basic tips to help you get started with this mobile adventure.

FFXV: A New Empire is a new  mobile city builder game based in the titular Final Fantasy universe. As with many city builders, it’s easy to use your time suboptimally — falling behind considerably compared to everybody else.

But if you know what to focus your energy on and how to manage your time and resources well, it’s a different story. And that’s especially important in a game like FFXV: A New Empire, since there’s a heavy emphasis on microtransactions. With that in mind, this guide is going to go over some beginner’s tips that should get you started off right. 

Tip 1: Have Multiple Resource Collectors, But Focus on Stone

There are several empty spaces outside your empire. So you’ll want to have multiples of each collection building to guarantee a steady flow of resources. Keep all of these resource collectors upgraded as much as you can.

That said, you’ll want to focus more heavily on stone than any other resource, as it runs out the fastest and is the most essential. Without stone, you won’t be able to afford the all-important Citadel upgrade. 

Tip 2: Take Advantage of Your 24-Hour Protection

When you start the game, your empire will have a 24-hour protective shield. Utilize this time to finish as many quests as possible.

Follow the quests on the ticker in the bottom of the screen to get a strong foundation for your empire, so you can defend yourself once the protection fades. Keep building the recommended units, and don’t forget to do some additional quests on the side on the bottom right to get free resources.

Tip 3: Join a Guild ASAP to Get Free Speedups

There’s no downside to joining a guild. You’ll receive a bunch of free stuff — the most useful early on being free speedups. You can ask for a speedup by tapping Help, and your guildmates can help you lower your timer. Be advised that it only works when there’s less than 5 minutes left on the timer.

Furthermore, you can start stocking up loyalty points once you’re in a guild, as well as gain access to an exclusive guild store. You can purchase several important items from this store.

Tip 4: If You Need Crafting Materials, Go Monster Hunting

You’ll need to research Monster Tactics from the university and be in a guild to attack a monster. So take care of those two things fairly early on. Then, once you start hitting a crafting wall, go out into the world map and find a monster to hunt. They will drop items that are crucial to your continued development. 

And those tips should be enough to get your started in your journey through FFXV: A New Empire. Remember, this is a very dense game and you’ll likely need a little more help along the way. There are lots of useful resources online for you to refer to whenever you get stuck. And stay tuned for more FFXV: A New Empire guides for more tips and tricks!

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