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Fight Through Oscorp Industries – Lego Marvel SuperHeroes Guide

The Green Goblin has stolen the cosmic brick and taken it to Oscorp Industries.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Doctor Octopus has been defeated by Mr. Fantastic, Spider-Man, and Captain America. The heroes are trying to retrieve the cosmic brick as he tosses it between his various mechanical arms. They knock it loose and while they are trying to recover it, Green Goblin flies in and snatches the brick. He flies off with it leaving the team to figure out the best route to take to retrieve the brick. Enter Black Widow and Hawkeye. It’s their term to follow Green Goblin to Oscorp Industries to retrieve the brick.

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Walkthrough: Oscorp Industries

Heroes: Black Widow, Hawkeye, Spider-man

Villains: Green Goblin, Venom

Black Widow and Hawkeye start in the square where Doctor Octopus was captured. The duo is at the top of the red stairs. There is a lot of electricity flaring around that the two need to get past in order to get to Oscorp Industries.

Switch to Hawkeye and go to the top of the stairs or behind the stairs around by the billboard. Shoot at the billboard behind the stairs to knock it down and reveal targets for Hawkeyes arrows to stick into. Fill each of the four targets with an arrow. Go down the stairs around to the barricade where the arrows are sticking out of the building. Jump up and grab the arrows. Swing across them until you reach the other side. Switch to Black Widow and bring her across. Black Widow will not cross on her own.

In between two buildings is a pair of jumping walls. While still using Black Widow, take her over and begin jumping from side to side on each wall going all the way up. Follow the ledge around to a control panel. The large LCD panel beside the control panel will light up after Black Widow accesses it. Click each blue circle to close the circuits on the panel to shut off the electricity flowing below.

Go back down and go to the next gap in the buildings from where the jumping walls are.

Go down the alleyway to the locked gate. Switch to Hawkeye. Use his rope arrows to attach an arrow to the gate to snatch it open. Walk through the gate to the street outside the Oscorp building.

There will be a few silver statues outside of the Oscorp Industries building. Since Hawkeye has explosive arrows, he is ale to target and use these items like Iron Man.

Oscorp is equipped with a security system that uses lasers. The heroes can not just walk up to the door and walk in. Switch to Black Widow, if you aren’t already her, and activate her stealth ability. Once the stealth ability has been activated, approach the front doors of Oscorp. A control panel is located to the left of the door. Use Black Widow to open the doors of Oscorp and walk in.

Spider-man will be waiting for the duo in the elevator.

After they go up, they will have a minor encounter with Green Goblin in a cut scene. The trio is in the lobby of Oscorp and need to find a way past the security doors. Using Black Widow, walk over to the control panel next to the door. A LCD screen is beside the door and will activate, showing three different colors. Below the LCD are three lights. The lights will flash the color sequence needed to proceed through the doors. Click each dot on the LCD (one red, one yellow, and one blue) in the order that they blinked on the bottom. The colors will show when you hover over the dot. My sequence was red, yellow, and then blue.

Proceed through the now open doors. In the next area, there are two white boxes on the ceiling with pull targets on the bottom. Switch to Spider-man and pull them both down. The one on the right will drop down the bricks needed to rebuild the control panel for the next set of security doors.

Use Black Widow to access the control panel.

Just like before, the LCD screen will load with the three dots and the sequence will flash below it. This time, the sequence was yellow, red, and then blue. Go through the security doors.

Green Goblin will fly through the hallways and bust through the next doors. He will then block the way behind him. Switch to Spider-man and approach the barrier. A warning to use his spider sense will go off. His spider sense will show another pull target. Use the pull target to pull down the barricade Green Goblin has erected and proceed through.

Green Goblin will be waiting to attack the trio.

Use Hawkeye to shoot an arrow at him to progress the scene. He will smash the elevator shaft to try to keep the heroes from following him again. Cross the beam to get to the other side. There will be a space for Spider-man to use his spider sense. It will reveal a brick wall that Spider-man can use to climb to the next level.

Climb up with Spider-man and bust open the access panel on the wall. This will open a ladder Hawkeye and Black Widow can use to climb up. Switch to Hawkeye and aim for the box on the ceiling this will show a rope target that they can use to climb up to the next level. Climb up with Spider-man and use his pull target to pull the elevator gearing down from the wall to form a bridge to reach the main floor. Green Goblin will go flying by again.

Walk to the dead-end and switch to Spider-man.

Use spider sense to reveal the pull targets that will snatch open the wall to show a silver control panel for the door. Shoot at it with Hawkeye’s explosive arrows. This will reveal another stretch of hallway behind the door.

The hallway is guarded by security lasers. Switch to Black Widow and activate stealth mode. Sneak down the hallway to the control panel to shut off the lasers. This will allow the rest of the team to follow her footsteps. It will also show a pull target on the wall.
Switch to Spider-man and pull open the door.

This will lead into a cut scene to Green Goblin’s office.

He will pull a lever that will open the floor, sending the group of heroes plummeting down to another part of the building. This is a checkpoint. Above the platform is a silver item for Hawkeye’s explosive arrows. Bust it up and it will drop pieces to the ground. Rebuild the pieces to form a ladder to climb up to the catwalk above.

A cut scene will ensue once the entire trio is on the catwalk. Venom is also at Oscorp and is on the level with the super heroes. Before the characters is a save terminal. Don’t forget to save your game.

Haven’t reached this part of the game? Be sure to check out Defeating Sandman in New York City for the first board or Taking Back the Baxter Building for the second board. See all my walkthroughs and tips on my Lego Marvel SuperHeroes page.

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