Taking Back the Baxter Building Part I - Lego Marvel SuperHeroes Guide

Doctor Octopus has taken over the Baxter Building, home for the Fantastic 4.

The cosmic brick retrieved by Spider-man, Iron Man, and the Hulk has been sent to the Baxter Building to Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) for research and analysis. Mr. Fantastic and Captain America are sent to check on it. When they arrive, something is terribly wrong. Huge crowds are outside the building and the front has been barricaded by the police.

Walkthrough: The Baxter Building

Heroes: Mr. Fantastic and Captain America

Villain: Doctor Octopus

The heroes start on the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier. The helicarrier has a lot of coins on it to be collected before beginning the adventure if you so choose. Blue hologram circles lead the way that Captain America and Mr. Fantastic need to take. This path leads them to the edge where they will jump from. Jump from the helicarrier and begin the descent to Earth. On the way down, there will be circles and stars of coins that you will need to go through to make sure you hit the right area. If you go through the centers, you will gather the all the coins in the shape.

Mr. Fantastic and Captain American will land in the park across the street from the Baxter Building.

There are more coins to collect in the park and a lot of destructables in the park to garner even more coins. You will need to take care of these before leaving the park area. The gate leading out of the park is locked so an alternate route will need to be found. To the left of the gate is a black and blue lamppost.

Using either character, destroy the lamppost to show Lego's that need to be reassembled. Reassemble the Lego's to form a grate on the ground. Use Mr. Fantastic to slide through the gate to come out on the other side of the fence. The security defense system for the Baxter Building has been set off. Mr. Fantastic needs to find a way to get Captain America through the gate.

To the left of the gate is a blue satellite.

Bust up the satellite and rebuild the Lego's. They will become a Fantastic 4 logo platform that Mr. Fantastic can use to transform into useful items. Once Mr. Fantastic has rebuilt the Lego's, stand on the platform and activate his transforming ability. He will then become a set of bolt cutters that he uses to clip the lock on the gate to allow Captain America through the gate.

To the right of the Baxter Building doors, hanging on the wall, is a shield target that Captain American can throw his shield at to use. Switch to Captain America to aim at the shield target. It will have red and blue sparkles like the heightened senses areas have. Once the shield target has been used, a ladder will come down. Change characters to Mr. Fantastic and climb up the ladder. Walk along the ledge towards the door area. There is a large gap that needs to be crossed.

Have Mr. Fantastic jump the gap and utilize his glide ability.

Just jumping and gliding alone will not succeed to cross the gap, you will need to aim Mr. Fantastic upwards to cross the large gap. On the wall after the gap will be a security panel. Use Mr. Fantastic to attempt to disable the security panel. This will set off the lasers that defend the building. At this point, no one knows who it is but knows someone is inside controlling the lasers.

Switch to Captain America and have him move towards the platform before the doors. Put his shield into blocking position before walking on to the platform. Using his shield, direct the laser beams at the grate above the doors to disable them. Once the lasers are disabled, a cut scene will occur showing Mr. Fantastic and Captain America inside the Fantastic 4's headquarters. Doctor Octopus is destroying the lab to steal the cosmic brick the heroes collected at Grand Central Station. Doctor Octopus will set his Octobots onto Mr. Fantastic and Captain America so he can make good his escape.

Go up the stairs where the Octobots burst through the wall and build a Fantastic 4 stand for Mr. Fantastic.

Use the stand so that Mr. Fantastic turns into a screwdriver to remove guarding from the shield target on the wall. Use Captain America's shield on the shield target to activate the lift to the ledge to the left. Have Captain America use the lift and approach the flames on the ledge. Put his shield into blocking position so he can cross the flames unhurt.

Switch back to Mr. Fantastic and go back down the stairs. Near all the equipment on the wall will be Lego's that need to be rebuilt. Rebuild the Lego's to form a grate that will form on the wall. Squeeze Mr. Fantastic through the grate to come out of the wall below Captain America. On the wall to the left of the grate is a pull target. Mr. Fantastic can use his stretchiness to activate and pull the target. This will jerk Lego's that can be rebuilt off the wall. Rebuild the Lego's to form a shield target that Captain America can use.

Use Captain America to throw his shield at the shield target.

This will activate a drill type machine with three prongs. Switch to Mr. Fantastic and have him climb the ladder on the wall to the control panel in the room upstairs. Activate the panel and the machine will move towards the wall that has holes to match the three prongs. This will activate a red button next to the ladder. Jump down on the button and stand on it. This will start a blue laser that will destroy a communicator at the starting point.

Switch back to Captain America. Go back to the starting point to the broken communicator and rebuild it to form a shield platform. Using Captain America's shield in blocking stance, move on to the platform to block and reflect the laser. Aim the laser at the satellite dishes across the room, one at a time. Hold the laser on the dish until the gauge on the wall behind them are fully lit. Once both gauges are lit, the revolving floor will open up and the Fantastivator will rise up so the two can reach the roof to follow Doctor Octopus.

This is a checkpoint area. Jump down off the ledge to the lower rooftop. To the left of the ladder is a save terminal. Be sure to save your game before continuing.

Published Nov. 7th 2013
  • incrediblehilk
    Having trouble on psi getting the mini kit on the second part of level. Dig out all the pieces but the characters just won't build it
  • Brad_2137
    Playing on WiiU,
    Got to part to reflect beam, I could raise up shield, but NOT reflect the beam.
    Going to restart the mission and try again.

    restarted the mission, and was able to reflect the beam properly.
  • Chas_4443
    It's a glitch it happens to me every time I start a new game on the first try just replay the level it always works the second time
  • Amounous
  • HX6
    We are having the shield problem on the Xbox One and also having a problem with a permanent split screen on this level. Anyone else having the split screen problem?
  • Zack_1296
    I have formed the grate on the ground in the park but Mr Fantastic will not slide through it. Every time I hold B he turns into a teapot. Any suggestions?
  • Mary Yeager
    Senior Intern
    Just to clarify, is the grate fully built? I have noticed in game sometimes it doesn't fully build if you let go of the button too early. Also, are you standing near it or on top of it? Also, what platform are you playing on?
  • Tina_1693
    Using PS4, I am having problems with the game saving the place where I am at in the game. I've saved at all the check points and when I exit and reenter the game, I am back at the start again or somewhere on a way earlier level. I can't figure out how to save my place when I exit the game.
    Please advise...anyone? anyone? anyone?
  • Mary Yeager
    Senior Intern
    I myself can't speak for the PS4 edition personally, but I did a little search and from what I have found, one person was able to successfully use check points on PS4 by exiting the game using the PS4 menu instead of exiting to New York City. Might be worth a try.
  • Jolt_5574
    Make sure you activate your shield BEFORE stepping on the platform to block the rays. Not after. You can do it way before and walk around this way. You'll have to do this later in the mission on fire in the building as well.
  • Mary Yeager
    Senior Intern
    Thanks for sharing your tip. Hopefully it will help those who might be experiencing issues.
  • Stu_3971
    I am having the same problem described. We have tried restarting the game. Can see the shield moving but the lasers pass right thru. Have been working on it off and on for two days. Help if you can !
  • Stu_3971
    so I restarted and went straight to the place. It worked
  • Jeff_8901
    I am having the same problem as charlie_7663, only on xbox. I am on the platform with the shield active. The message says to use the d-pad to direct the beam at a target. I am able to move the shield but the I can't get the beam to move. The beams are shooting through me as if I am not blocking.
  • Jeff_8901
    I started the game over and it worked. Must be a bug in the game. I didn't do anything different.
  • Charlie_7663
    Have tried and tried and it does not work to move the shield and aim the lasers at the building. Playing on a playstation 3. Anyone else having this problem?
  • Mary Yeager
    Senior Intern
    Do the lasers move at all? Or are they not being blocked by the shield? Hopefully we can get you some help.

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