Fight Through Oscorp Industries Part II – Lego Marvel SuperHeroes

Work through various levels of the Oscorp Industries building against Venom and Green Goblin to take back the cosmic brick.
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(This is the second part of Fight through Oscorp Industries in Lego Marvel SuperHeroes. You can find part I here.)

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After saving your game at the save terminal, it is time to progress on and try to take out the Green Goblin!

Follow the catwalk around to where the neon flashing Oscorp sign is. Watch out for the black tar puddles on the floor. If the character falls in the puddle, they will be stuck in it until you can free the character.

Above the Oscorp sign are two silver items holding up the sign. Use Hawkeye’s explosive arrows to knock the sign down.

From there, switch to Spider-man and use spider sense to show two pull targets. Use the pull targets to pull down part of the upper level.

Jump up on the crate and use it to jump up on to the ladder on the wall. Climb up to the next level. Hawkeye and Spider-man will follow.

You will be attacked by men in hazard suits on this level!

Third level

Continue up to the third level using the wall ladder. More enemies will attack.

There will be a control panel on this level. Use it and the center pillar will rotate around. To the right of the pillar is a cracked wall.

On the far right of the board, you will find purple sparkles. This is for telekinetic characters, which is not available on this board.

Switch to Hawkeye and shoot arrows into the targets on the wall.

Like a gymnast, use the arrows to leap across the pillar to reach a platform on the right side above the glowing cracked wall as Black Widow. Use the control panel there to flip the panels on the pillar to form another ladder.

Tar and puzzles, oh my!

Climb up the ladder to the next floor through a set of drop down panels. This is another checkpoint. Don’t forget to use the save panel available when the screen loads!

After saving your game, continue down the hall. Don’t forget to be wary of the tar pits along the wall in areas where Venom has slimed them. A cut scene will appear that will show where Venom goes to hide.

On the ceiling are three silver boxes for Hawkeye to shoot at. Some of them may need to be shot more than once to be destroyed. Other than coins, they don’t drop anything important.

A bunch of large crates will bar the way. Bust them up to move past. From here, you will see a set of pull targets and you will have to do the following:

  • Switch to Spider-man and yank the targets down. This will cause Lego pieces to pop out of the right side.
  • Reassemble the Lego’s to form an arrow target.
  • Switch to Hawkeye and shoot an arrow into the target.
  • Switch to Black Widow and use the arrow target to swing up on the platform.

There is a control panel that Black Widow can use. This panel will require some thought to use and resembles the old pipe game where you have to line up the pipes to allow the water to flow through them. Set up the pipes flowing together until they light up blue.

All the sealed doors that the heroes have passed will reveal enemies behind them and they will be opened.

Jump back down and head back down the hallway. The beings in the cells will bust out to attack you. In the middle cell there are some little Lego’s bouncing around. Don’t waste time on these as they do not do anything. Just defeat the enemy and continue on back down the hallway.

Defeat the enemies in the first lobby where the locked doors are. More will come out of the venom on the floor and walls.

After the enemies are defeated, a character needs to be in each room to stand on pressure plates. Use one and then do not move the character. Switch to another character to go and activate the second pressure plate. This will open the locked doors that bar the way.

Walk through the open doors. On the wall is a spot that can be busted. Bust the spot and a bunch of Lego’s will come falling out.

Next, bust up the large box in the room. After that, destroy the Oscorp sign that is hanging on the wall. Rebuildable Lego pieces will fall. If you let go of the button before it is finished, it will fall apart.

Once done it will be a large speaker. Use the pull target on the side with Spider-man to activate the speaker. It will emit loud music which will weaken the venom strands to allow passage.

In the next hallway, you will discover blue sparkles on an object. This is for heroes with magnetic powers to use which we do not currently have.

Continue down the hallway and a cut scene will pop up where Venom messes with the power. Afterwards, defeat all the creatures and move into the laboratory. Again, the way is blocked with Venom’s strands.

In this room, there are two silver sparkle control panels to destroy.

Switch to Hawkeye and use his explosive arrows to destroy the control panels. Once destroyed, they will show pull targets for Spider-man to use. Pull both targets to send the control panels smashing to the ground which will start a fire. The fire will disintegrate the venom webbing.

It’s time to face Venom directly

On the left side of the room, Venom will bust a glass container. Go over to the pieces and reassemble them. They will form a large radio that will pump out loud music to distract Venom from attacking.

Attack him and he will then destroy the radio and jump back up to the balcony.

In the back of the room, a cell will open up to release another minion. Go into this room and activate the control panel.

The floor will open up to reveal a place to load a character in. Jump into the large flame thrower and attack Venom on the second story. He will then destroy the giant flame thrower.

Keep fighting the minions until Venom jumps down on to a canister held up by a crane.

Switch to Spider-man and go over to the canister and use spider sense. Use the pull targets to bust the ends off of the canister and reveal some Lego’s. Rebuild them into a bell that is hanging from the other crane.

As you fight, the bell will start to go off which will again distract Venom. Attack him again until he collapses.

A cut scene will show up and the team will run off from Venom out on to a helipad. Green Goblin is escaping in a helicopter.

Unlocked Characters

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