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Final Fantasy 16: How to Get Chocobos

Our Final Fantasy 16 Chocobos guide discusses when you unlock these mounts as part of The White-Winged Wonder side quest.

The Final Fantasy 16 Chocobos are a mainstay of the series. These majestic mounts will help you traverse areas and explore new locations. Our FF16 Chocobos guide discusses when you unlock these mounts as part of The White-Winged Wonder side quest.

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How to Complete The White-Winged Wonder to Get Chocobos in Final Fantasy 16

To get your Final Fantasy 16 Chocobos, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Progress further in The Gathering Storm main quest.
  • Start The White-Winged Wonder side quest.
  • Save the White Chocobo.
  • Learn the controls.
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Progress Further in The Gathering Storm Main Quest

The Gathering Storm main quest occurs a few hours into the campaign. Don’t worry too much about it since you’ll eventually reach this part of the story as you keep playing. The objective entails helping Martha with a few tasks and, once you’re done, you can return to her inn.

Start The White-Winged Wonder Side Quest

After you’ve helped out Martha, you’ll notice an NPC outside the inn. Talk to this person and start the Final Fantasy 16 White-Winged Wonder side quest.

Make sure you’re tracking this quest so that markers appear on your screen. Your task is to head to the swamps to the south, where you’ll notice a white pinion. From there, keep going south until you reach a clearing. I’ve included a map below:

Save the White Chocobo

Upon reaching the clearing, you’ll see a White Chocobo and its pals surrounded by poachers. A battle ensues, and you should be able to make quick work of them. You do have Jill and Torgal by your side to offer assistance, too.

Once the battle is over, a cutscene will play. Clive will recognize the White Chocobo as Ambrosia, his steed from when he was a teenager. It’s definitely a time for reunions after Clive saw Jill and Torgal again.

This nets you your FF16 Chocobo. Likewise, The White-Winged Wonder quest completion also rewards you with 60x Sharp Fang and 1x Ambrosia’s Tack, a special trophy item that you can see in Clive’s room.

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Learn the Final Fantasy 16 Chocobo Controls

The controls for your Chocobo in FF16 are simple enough:

  • Call Chocobo/whistle — Hold R3.
  • Mount — Press X while next to the Chocobo.
  • Dismount — Press R3 while riding.
  • Gallop — Hold R2.
  • Rein in — Hold L2.

I definitely thought that having a Chocobo helps when exploring various locales. In areas surrounded by enemies, ones where Clive will normally jog instead of sprinting, you can ride your Chocobo to get past them. However, remember that you’ll automatically get dismounted in certain locations, such as towns, hamlets, or camps. Still, you should see the R3 whistle prompt once more if you’re in a spot that lets you call your mount again.

In any case, that’s all you need to know about The White-Winged Wonder side quest and how to get a Chocobo in Final Fantasy 16. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our FF16 guides hub.

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