Final Fantasy 16: How to Get Excalibur

Our FF16 Excalibur guide discusses how to get this design blueprint via Blacksmith's Blues II, as well as other required materials.

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The Final Fantasy 16 Excalibur is a viable weapon for the mid-game segment of the campaign. Boasting decent stats, it will help you eliminate your foes. Our FF16 Excalibur guide discusses how to get this design blueprint via Blacksmith’s Blues II, as well as other required materials.

How to Get Excalibur in Final Fantasy 16

How to Start the Blacksmith’s Blues II Side Quest

Before you can get the Final Fantasy 16 Excalibur weapon, you’ll need to do the Blacksmith’s Blues II side quest. Here are the requirements:

  • Complete the Out of the Shadows main quest.
  • Complete Blacksmith’s Blues I (Drakeslayer’s Belt).
  • Head to Clive’s room in the Hideaway hub and read the missive titled: About Blackthorne.
  • Talk to NPCs like August, Blackthorne, and Charon.
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How to Defeat the Bandits

The next step for the Final Fantasy 16 Blacksmith’s Blues II quest is to talk to an NPC named Ignac in Dalimil. The Dalimil zone/fast travel point should already be unlocked while you’re going through the campaign (it’s south of the Hideaway). Once you enter the establishment, head to the second floor, where a cutscene will play.

Next, go to the marked location that’s north of the town. You’ll battle several bandits here, including one that’s named the Innkeeper. I found that it had very slow attacks, which allowed me to easily dodge them before I went in for a counter. After eliminating your foes, return to Dalimil and speak with Ignac. You’re then given the Sundered Whetstone, a quest item that you can give to Blackthorne.

How to Craft Excalibur

Bring the item to Blackthorne in the Hideaway to complete the Blacksmith’s Blues II quest. For your efforts, you’ll receive 900 XP, 30 renown, 1x Meteorite, and the Excalibur Design Draft. This allows you to craft the Final Fantasy 16 Excalibur weapon.

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The Excalibur has the following stats: +268 attack and +268 will damage. It requires the following materials:

  • 300x Wyrrite — This crafting material is easily obtained via quests and enemy drops.
  • 1x Grimalkin Hide — A reward for completing the Grimalkin Hunt.
  • 1x Bomb Ember — A reward for completing the Bomb King Hunt.
  • 1x Scarletite — A reward for completing the Dozmare Griffin Hunt (i.e., Blacksmith’s Blues I). You can also get it by beating the Fastitocalon and Ten of Clubs targets.

In any case, that’s all you need to know about the Excalibur weapon and Blacksmith’s Blues II quest in Final Fantasy 16. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our FF16 guides hub.

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