Final Fantasy 16: How to Get Gil Quickly

You're going to want to fill your coffers sooner than later. Here's how to make gil fast in FF16.

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While there are a lot of material types in Final Fantasy 16, there’s only one currency: gil, which every merchant, blacksmith, and other vendors in the game use as the base unit of trade. And, like money in our world, you’ll want as much gil as you can get as early as you can get it to make upgrading, restocking, and more all easier and more comfortable. Here’s how to make gil fast in FF16.

How to Farm Gil in Final Fantasy 16

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Gil is harder to get in the first few hours of playing FF16, but it gets significantly easier as you unlock more activities and zones. Unlike previous entries in the Final Fantasy series, monster battles will not be your main source of income. Instead, you’ll need to combine a few different farming methods to maximize your gil intake.

  • Sell everything you don’t need. New and better equipment comes fast and frequent in the early game of FF16, with old weapons and armor needing quick replacing. Even upgrading it usually isn’t worth it, so sell it to a merchant for a quick gil infusion. This concept applies to crafting materials as well. As you play, you’re bound to collect hundreds of crafting mats — far more than you’re liable to use for the foreseeable future. And while they’re only worth 20 gil apiece, that’s an easy 2,000 when you sell 100, and you’ll refill those stocks just by playing.
  • Do every side quest. Not every side quest rewards money directly, but those that don’t often award a valuable item only useful for selling. There are dozens of sidequests even early in a playthrough of Final Fantasy 16, some of which provide a thousand gil or so, while others give items worth around 400. Do all of them, however, and you’ll have thousands saved up, ready to be sold on a rainy day.
  • Play the main story. Obvious as it may seem, Final Fantasy 16 rewards interacting with the story more than any other part of the game. Completing story chapters, or even sub-chapters, often rewards thousands of gil, and provided you don’t blow it on expensive things after every few Spoils screens, you’ll find yourself quickly building up a solid bank.
  • Explore the world. No, defeating enemies won’t make you rich, but there are plenty of other treasures to find throughout Final Fantasy 16, whether as items on the ground or in semi-hidden treasure chests scattered about the game’s various zones. Many of them will contain rare crafting materials, which you can sell if you’re a crazy person, but others will have treasures more worthy of sale.
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Those are some of the best ways to get gil fast early on in FF16. The deeper you get into the game, and the more activities and reward sources you unlock, the more money you can make. We’ll be updating this guide as well find additional gil-making sources, and there are plenty more resources on Final Fantasy 16 in our guides hub.

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