Final Fantasy 16: Midnight Raven Boss Guide

Our Final Fantasy 16 Midnight Raven boss guide discusses this opponent's abilities and how you can defeat him.

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The Final Fantasy 16 Midnight Raven boss is a deadly foe that you have to face during the Fanning Embers mission. This annoying opponent’s advantage is speed, and you’ll have to be watchful when it comes to its attacks or teleports. Our Final Fantasy 16 Midnight Raven boss guide tells you this opponent’s abilities and how you to defeat him.

How to Beat the Midnight Raven Boss in Final Fantasy 16

The Final Fantasy 16 Midnight Raven boss occurs a few moments after you take out Fafnir, which can make it a bit harder if you’re not prepared. After a cutscene involving imperial soldiers, this hybrid knight-ninja shows up. Here are the abilities you need to take note of:

  • Whirling Feint — The Midnight Raven’s moves are very erratic, which means he’s able to teleport and dash, attempting a feint to confuse you. Watch out for this since you need to dodge or parry the actual strike, not the teleport animation.
  • Kaiton — The boss will stand in one place for a short time before creating multiple circles on the ground. In a split second, lightning will strike those spots. Be sure to dodge out of the way quickly.
  • Futon — The boss will breathe fire in a straight line, which can hit you several times if you’re not careful. Again, I advise dodging here.
  • Assassinate — This is akin to a teleport move, except there’s a longer charge-up time, and the aura is blue. You must do everything you can to avoid this dash attack since it’s followed by Assassinate. I got hit by this once, and Clive lost almost half of his HP. Needless to say, it can outright kill your character if you’re low on HP already.
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The Final Fantasy 16 Midnight Raven boss fight is all about being aware of your foe’s abilities and attacking when the opportunity arises. Don’t be too greedy with attack combos since you might leave yourself open for a Whirling Feint. Moreover, Kaiton and Futon can be done in quick succession, so you still need to stay on the move.

Moreover, the later portion of the battle leads to Cinematic Clashes. These are instances where you have to mash the Square button repeatedly to get the upper hand. There are also Cinematic Evasion and Cinematic Strike moments, where you’ll finish off your opponent.

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For your efforts, you’ll receive 30x Steelsilk and 1x Meteorite for crafting. Additionally, you’ll get the Badge of Might, an accessory that grants +7 attack power. One last thing of note is that the Midnight Raven becomes an elite enemy after this. As such, you might encounter this enemy type a few times during your travels.

In any case, that’s everything you need to know about the Midnight Raven boss fight in Final Fantasy 16. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our FF16 guides hub.

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