Use these tips and team compositions to make short work of the new Boss Rush Survival mode in Brave Exvius.

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Boss Rush Survival Guide

Use these tips and team compositions to make short work of the new Boss Rush Survival mode in Brave Exvius.
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Boss Rush Survival is the latest event in Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius. It offers players three stages of boss fights, gifting them some amazing rewards in the process. 

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Each of the stages  beginner, intermediate, and advanced  has five bosses to defeat. Since certain teams and strategies are better than others, this guide will provide you with the best compositions and abilities to use so that you can rush through all three levels in no time.

Boss Rush Beginner Team Comp and Abilities

The beginner level of the Boss Rush event is extremely easy to win if you use the following team composition:

  • Paladin Cecil
  • Warrior of Light Lenna
  • Cloud
  • Benevolent Beauty Rem
  • Galuf

Use the following abilities on each of the five bosses, and you should be able to kill them instantly in a single round:

  • 10000 Needles  Damages all enemies
  • Crazy Day — Deals unmitigated magic damage
  • War Goddess Insignia — Boosts attack damage and LB damage
  • Yin Yang Dual Hand  Boosts attack, magic, and equipment damage

Boss Rush Intermediate Team Comp and Abilities

The Intermediate level is slightly harder than Beginner difficulty, but not by much. If you use the following team composition, you should have no trouble:

  • Wizardess Shantotto
  • Lunafreya
  • Kryla
  • Elena
  • Malphasie

Here, each boss requires a slightly different approach, so we’ve broken things down a little differently.

  • Apocrypha and Grief Witch. Use the Double Oracle and Beonevelence of the Gods buffs at the start of the fight. Neither Apocrypha nor Grief Witch will be able damage to you.
  • Evil Drake and Peryton. Use the Magic Wind attack against Evil Drake and the Physical Wind attack against Peryton.
  • Abaddon. Use the Twilight and Blade of Crystal abilities.
  • Bomb Family. Use Ice Damage against Mom Bomb and Fire Damage against Dad Bomb.
  • Quick Roper. Use the Trident of the Oracle ability to refill your MP. Then, use Calamity Brew to finish it off.

Boss Rush Advance Team Comp and Abilities

The advanced level of Boss Rush is, unsurprisingly, the hardest. You can only take one team for the entire stage, but consider the following team compositions for each of them.


The best team composition against the legendary stag Elafikeras is:

  • Tidus
  • Explorer Aileen
  • Barbariccia
  • Roy
  • Basch

Use these abilities to quickly kill Elfikeras:

  • Toxic Rain — Inflicts the disease status ailment
  • Quick Final Thunder — Inflicts lightning damage
  • Mechanical Heart — Increases HP and counter chance for physical and magical attacks
  • Wind Magic — Inflicts wind damage, the best magic damage ability against this boss
Iron Giant

This boss has no elemental resistances, but their physical power is great. For this boss battle, consider this team composition:

  • Lila
  • Pure Summoner Rydia
  • Maritime Strategist Nichol
  • Basch
  • Heavenly Technician Lid

Besides using damage boosters in this fight, it is also important to use defensive abilities, such as:

  • Clear Veil — Increases resistances to all status effects
  • Heroic Stance — Increases all magic damage and resistances

Iron Giant is very weak to magic, so use any magic chains you have in this fight. 


This boss fight has two phases, so you’ll need a lot of mana regenerators for your team. The following is a good composition:

  • Heavenly Technician Lid
  • Trance Terra
  • Ace
  • Hyoh
  • Orlandeau

Calcabrina uses mixed styles and attacks. Use these abilities to defeat her:

  • Super Analysis — Decreases magic and physical attack, as well as resistances, on one enemy
  • Full Magical Activation — Increases all magical abilities for three turns
  • Top Hand — Restores health and mana
  • Phantom Blade — Increases all physical damage

This boss fight starts with heavy pre-emptive attacks, so consider heroes that are immune to the Paralyze effect, such as:

  • Agrias
  • Orlandeau
  • Mystea
  • Wilhelm
  • Ayaka

Glacial is extremely weak to fire damage, so use these abilities to quickly kill this boss:

  • Divine Ruination — Combines fire and physical damage
  • D Sword Crusher — Deals devastating physical damage
  • Resurgence — Revives all knocked-out allies
Bomb Family (Advance)

This boss fight is the one in the Intermediate stage, but it is much harder. Consider this team composition for the fight:

  • Basch
  • Yan
  • Sephiroth
  • Lotus Mage Fina
  • Explorer Aileen

Bomb Family is completely immune to all physical damage, so only use magic chains in this fight:

  • Bell of a New Dawn — Increases magic damage and resistances of the caster
  • Black Materia — Increases magic damage and decreases enemy’s magic resistances
  • Arch Punisher — Increases light magic damage
  • Dystopia — Increases dark magic damage

That’s all you need to know to succeed during the Boss Rush Survival event in Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius and beat all of the mode’s bosses. Be sure to check out our other Brave Exvius guides and tips articles while you’re here! 

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