Final Fantasy Explorers Guide: How to Master Jobs (and list of Mastery benefits)

Check this guide out for info on mastering Jobs in Final Fantasy Explorers!

Check this guide out for info on mastering Jobs in Final Fantasy Explorers!

Each Job in Final Fantasy Explorers can be mastered to give additional bonuses, such as the ability to use new weapons. They keep the same proficiency, meaning ability load costs are lower, so you may not always want to use the new weapons. 

I’m going to go over everything you get from mastering a job and how to do it. If you would like help with anything else, please visit my Final Fantasy Explorers Beginner Tips and Tricks.

This guide will go over how to master a job in Final Fantasy Explorers including:

  • How to Master Jobs – What you need to unlock mastery for a Job.
  • Mastery Benefits – What you get for mastering a Job.

How to Master Jobs

There are 3 things you need before you can master a job:

  • Complete 10 quests with the Job
  • Unlock 5* quests
  • Complete the Mastery Trials quest for the job

There has been some confusion as to why a Mastery Trials quest doesn’t shop up after completing 10 quests. You will not see it or be able to complete it until you make it far enough in the game to unlock the 5* quests.

After you have unlocked this tier, the Master Trials will automatically show up for every Job that has completed 10 quests. Once you complete the Mastery Trials quest, you mastered the Job and get the extra benefits.

Mastery Benefits

Every Job gets increased HP and AP for mastering it. They also can equip more weapons and most classes get dual wield. Below is a list of what every Job gets after they are mastered.

Final Fantasy Explorers Job Mastery benefits

  • Knight – Dual wield, can equip daggers and spears
  • Monk – Dual wield, can equip swords and clubs
  • Ranger – Dual wield, can equip daggers and clubs
  • Ninja – Can equip daggers
  • Dragoon – Dual wield, can equip swords and axes 
  • Dark Knight – Dual wield, can equip spears. Scythes cannot be dual wielded
  • Paladin – Dual wield, can equip daggers and spears
  • Samurai – Dual wield, can equip axes
  • White Mage – Can equip daggers and rods
  • Black Mage – Dual wield, can equip staves and firearms
  • Time Mage – Can equip canes and bows
  • Sage – Can equip staves and rods
  • Red Mage – Dual wield, can equip rods
  • Blue Mage – Dual wield, can equip swords and artillery
  • Thief – Dual wield, can equip fist weapons and bows
  • Geomancer – Dual wield, can equip daggers and firearms
  • Alchemist – Dual wield, can equip artillery and staves
  • Bard – Dual wield, can equip bells
  • Beastmaster – Dual wield, can equip fist weapons and scythes
  • Machinist – Dual wield, can equip spears

As you can see, not all jobs can dual wield. It is still a good idea to master a job because you always get the HP and AP bonuses. Some weapons might also be better than the default weapons, so you’ll have to to try out things to see what’s best.

There are armors specific to each Job that require a Guide item to craft. You get this when you complete the Mastery quest, so just repeat as many times as you need. There are 3 pieces of armor that are specific for each job, you will need to complete at least 3 times if you want a full set.

Let’s look at Dragoon for example. They can craft a Dragon Helm, Armor, and Greaves. These require 1 Dragoon guide, 1 Earthdrake Fang, 2 Icedrake Talons, and 3 Mithril for the helm and legs pieces. The torso requires the same, but 1 more Mithril Ore. Each job has their own materials, but they all will need the Guide item for that specific Job.

Final Fantasy Explorers Dragoon armor

Don’t worry about when the armor shows up for crafting in the workshop. By the time you can do Mastery Trials, you’ll be able to craft the gear.

That wraps up my guide on how to master Jobs in Final Fantasy Explorers. Let me know if you have any questions and visit the Beginner Tips and Tricks for more help!

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