First Steps in EVE Online: The EVE Philosophy

Learning to enjoy the brutality of EVE and accepting losses gracefully is probably the most important lesson to be learned.

The game world of New Eden is part science fiction playground and part sociological experiment holding a mirror up to human nature.

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EVE’s sandbox is filled with people who want what you have, or who simply want to make sure you don’t have it any more. It is also full of people who see value in community and strength in numbers.

It is the jungle, it is tribal, it is feudal.

But this harshness is the point—other games strive to just simulate the environs of war, fabricating snapshots of battles, facsimiles of supply lines and imaginary industrial backbones of empires at war—but EVE Online has replicated it, has given all these elements tangible, virtual form driven by real people.

Be On Guard, Always

However you choose to interact with the EVE Online sandbox, even if you choose a passive occupation, it is important to remember that the entire game space is essentially a war zone. As with any conflict, even the most protected of territories are not immune to enemy incursions from both NPCs and players.

In short, sometimes you will die when you hadn’t planned to. Expect this. If you live by the sword you will die by the sword and in EVE, making the sword or even just looking at the sword is the same as living by it.

Devil May Care

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and don’t undock in a ship if its destruction or the loss of its cargo would result in you rage-quitting. The mantra oft repeated by clued-up EVE players is:

“Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.”

Time spent is not time wasted, but if the fruits of your labours end up being exploded, take solace in the experience and the enjoyment of the chase, the satisfaction of the creation and the hilarity of the destruction.

Remember, it’s only pixels.


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