Five Best ADC and Support Combinations to Win Your Lane

Five of the best and proven combinations that can give you that edge you need to dominate your lane.

We're all well-aware that any ADC and support combination is perfectly viable in its own right, but which ones stand out from the regular crews and place themselves in the League of Legends hall of bot lane nightmares? Not only are we going to discuss which champions work well together, but what you can do if you ever find yourself pitted against them!

Leona and Graves - The Powerhouse Combo

If there ever was an all-in combination to exist in the League of Legends, then this would be it. It's almost guaranteed that someone is going to die if these two decide who their next victim is going to be (obviously not every time, but you get the gist). The Leona passive works really well with what Graves brings to the table.

Not only is their laning phase almost impossible to deal with, their teamfight is nothing to scoff at either. With a Leona engage, all Graves has to do is perform a very simple E-Q-W-R combo and you'll see your health vanish faster than if you ran into the enemy turrets at level one.

The best way to avoid this untimely death is very simple: pay attention to Leona!! If you see her walking towards you or into a bush that's not been warded, it's almost a guarantee she's prepping an engage. Ward your bushes and stay out of her range, and you'll have one golden lane!

Nami and Draven - Where's the Semi that Hit Me?

Anyone that has ever faced this combination knows there's no one that can deal more damage in a single hit than these two. With those Spinning Axes flying towards your unsuspecting face, it's no wonder that everyone tries to steer clear. But let's not forget about Tidecaller's Blessing.

That awesome combination guarantees three basic attacks that are going to deal more damage than you've ever thought possible for a level one duo. Not to mention those bubbles that will keep you stationary while your health vanishes.

Your best bet against this combination would be to play a poke lane - champions that can sit back and deal continual damage to their health while staying out of range of those deadly attacks. Here's to you, Caitlyn.

Thresh and Vayne - Mr. Steal Yo' Girl

 If you're no good at dodging those Thresh hooks, then you're probably going to die often; but you sure as hell can't just let that Vayne farm either. This combination could potentially put you far into offensive or defensive territory, depending on the circumstances. There is no middle ground when you're against these two, and honestly - playing defensively isn't something you should plan for either, because Vayne will quickly get ahead of you.

Against this combo you really want to pick an all-in team with a tanky support and an ADC that can dish out some quick damage. This isn't to say other combinations won't work, as it really depends on the players. But for those looking for every possible advantage (nothing to be ashamed of about that at all, winning is winning), plan to keep them on the ropes!

Lucian and Braum - Frozen in Space

If there was ever an ADC to dominate a lane with Braum, Lucian is the obvious choice. Those double attacks work too perfectly with Braum's passive to ignore, so anytime you see the telltale signs of an engage in the works, you may want to back away... just a bit.

What makes this such an impossible combination to face against is their ability to go in for some quick and heavy damage, then disengage in the blink of an eye - all while you're standing in place. Your best bet against them is simple: sit back and poke!

While it's possible to rush in and take them out, you're more likely to come out on the losing end of that exchange. Sit back for a while and just deal the damage you can while you farm. Avoid the Braum slows and keep wards so you know when they're planning to try a sneak attack. If you're more of a close range ADC, let your support poke them. Just don't try to go at them while they're both at full health - the odds will not be ever in your favor!

Caitlyn and Lulu - I Taste Purple Traps

This is a combination that will sit far back and slowly but surely poke your health down to nothing while you attempt to get close enough to deal some damage. Lulu will slow you and Caitlyn will have her traps placed - so if you're not careful, you're going to lose your health faster than you normally would! Avoid her traps unless you've got the wiggle room to clear them from the lane safely and keep those side bushes warded.

If there's anything you can do against them, playing defensive is definitely not one of them. For most ADC and support combinations, if you're looking to play under turret, it's definitely a possibility. But not this time. Caitlyn has a longer range than your turret, and she will use it against you. This is definitely one of those times when the term "go big or go home" comes into play. If you've got an Annie on your side, kill them with fire!