Football Manager 24: How to See Potential Ability

Here's how to see a player's potential ability in Football Manager 24.

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Virtual managers are always anticipating the emergence of the next big player in Football Manager 24. But if you’re looking to see exactly how a player can become, it’s a bit complicated. Here’s how to see a player’s potential ability in Football Manager 24.

How to See a Player’s Potential in Football Manager 24

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Player Potential is Purposefully Vague

In Football Manager 24, players are given star ratings to determine their current ability and potential ability. Like current ability, a player’s potential is measured by an amount of stars that run from 0.5 to 5. However, it should be noted that potential ability is a guess made by coaches and scouts. It’s not a guarantee that any player will become world-class over time. This is realistic, as highly touted prospects emerge in football every year, but very few of them ever reach that immense potential.

On the backend, however, Sports Interactive has hard-coded potential for every player in Football Manager 24. This potential is measured anywhere from 1 to 200. But even players with actual high potential that isn’t smoke and mirrors don’t always reach it.

Player Potential Can Only Be Seen With Added Software

To maintain realism and immersion, Football Manager 24 doesn’t have a built-in feature that allows us to see the exact value of a player’s potential. Bummer, I know. There are ways for us to access each player’s potential, but they require installing and/or purchasing additional features.

Along with each game, Sports Interactive also allows us to purchase the In-game Editor for the purpose of experiments and complete control over our saves. The Editor retails for $8.99. Should you choose to buy it, you can view players’ true potential as is coded in the game. FM Scout — a Football Manager-centric website — sells the Genie Scout, which can also uncover players’ potential.

It should be noted that a lot of the fun of Football Manager 24 is rooted in its unpredictability and mystery, and installing software can break the immersion the game is known for. I, personally, like to take chances and see how things play out. However, if you’re super curious and don’t care about such things, then purchasing either application will do.

That’s how to see player potential in Football Manager 24. For more helpful Football Manager 24 guides, be sure to check out how to quickly find wonderkids or develop young players.

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