For Honor Gear Stat Guide

Need to know what all the stats do in For Honor ? Then check out this guide!

Need to know what all the stats do in For Honor ? Then check out this guide!
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For Honor has several pieces of gear that you can get, and they all have certain stats. Each piece has 3 stats, raises one of them, and lowers 1-2 of the others. Some of the stats are straightforward, but others aren’t so clear.

I’m going to explain each stat and what pieces of gear they are on to help you decide what gear to wear. Check out my For Honor Beginner Tips and Tricks for more help with the game.

For Honor Gear Stats

The stats below are separated into gear categories. Each stat can only be on one type of gear. Every character’s weapon has 3 parts to it that can be customized.

For Honor Gear stats

Weapon Part 1
  • Throw Distance – How far you throw someone.
  • Revenge Mode Attack – How much of an attack boost you get when you are in Revenge mode
  • Revenge Gain by Injury – How much your Revenge bar fills up from taking damage.
Weapon Part 2
  • Feat Cooldown Reduction – How long it takes to use your feats again after activating them.
  • Revenge Mode Defense – How much defense you get when you are in Revenge mode.
  • Revenge Gain by Defense – How much your Revenge bar fills up when you do defensive actions such as Block and Parry.
Weapon Part 3
  • Attack – How much damage your attacks deal.
  • Defense – How much damage you take from attacks.
  • Stamina Cost Reduction – Reduces how much stamina your attacks take up.
  • Block Damage Resistance – The amount of chip damage you take from Heavy Attacks.
  • Revive Speed – How fast you can revive a teammate.
  • Stamina Regen – How fast you regain your stamina.
  • Execution Health Regen – How much health you get back when you execute someone.
  • Block Damage – The amount of health or stamina damage you deal to an enemy that blocks your attacks.
  • Sprint Speed – How fast you move when you sprint.
  • Debuff Resistance – Resistance against bleeds and other effects that can happen from attacks or feats.
  • Revenge Mode Duration – How long you stay in Revenge after activating it.
  • Exhaustion Recovery – How fast you regain stamina to get out of Exhaustion mode.

Another thing to keep in mind isthat  Block Damage Resistance is different for each character. Orochi for instance, can’t keep block up long before taking Block Damage.

That’s all I have for the For Honor Gear Stat Guide. Let me know if you have any questions!

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