For Honor Guide: Lawbringer Info and Tips

Learn how to bring justice to the battlefield in For Honor with this Lawbringer guide full of tips and best practices.
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The Lawbringer is a giant ironclad knight in For Honor that dispenses justice with his huge poleaxe. He is a hybrid character that is a mix of the Vanguard and Heavy heroes, and he specializes in parries.

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The Lawbringer is also a slow attacker and is hard to get used to, but he is not a bad character when you get the hang of him. I’m here to explain just how he plays, and to give you tips on how better use this brawny hero in For Honor.

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This guide will go everything you need to know about the Lawbringer in For Honor, including:

  • Lawbringer Basics – Specific mechanics the Lawbringer uses, as well as his moves
  • Lawbringer Gear – Suggested stats to shoot for when equipping gear
  • Lawbringer Tips – Extra tips for playing this hero at a higher level

Lawbringer Basics

for honor lawbringer moves

  • Book, Chapter, and Verse – Light Attack, Heavy Attack, Light Attack
  • Judge, Jury, and Executioner – Light Attack, Heavy Attack, Heavy Attack
  • Swift Justice – Heavy Attack, Light Attack, Heavy Attack
  • Swift Justice Finisher – Heavy Attack, Light, Up+Heavy Attack, Light Attack
    • The Up+Heavy Attack must successfully hit to be able to do the last Light Attack. 
  • Impaling Charge – Heavy Attack while sprinting
  • Impaling Riposte – Parry, then either left or right and Heavy Attack
  • Blind Justice – Parry, then Up+Heavy Attack
  • Light Riposte – Parry, then Light Attack
  • Make Way – Parry, then Light+Heavy Attack
  • The Long Arm – Down+Guardbreak
  • Shove – Dodge in any direction, then Guardbreak
  • Shove Alternate – Block an attack, then Guardbreak
  • Shove Mix Up – Heavy Attack, Guardbreak
    • Heavy Attack must be successful to go into the Guardbreak.
Specific Mechanics
  • Balanced Renown across all activities
  • Top Heavy Attacks stun opponents.
  • Stunned opponent can’t see your guard.
  • Shove initiates chains and combos.

Lawbringer Gear

For Honor Lawbringer gear

The Lawbringer is all about parrying, so Block Damage and Resistance are not that important. Attack and defense are equally good, but I prefer Attack.

  • Weapon Part 1 – Attack or Defense work, so it depends on who you fight 
    • He is part Heavy, so getting more Defense could be a better option if that is your playstyle. He is slower and harder to attack with, so I like Attack to make each hit count.
  • Weapon Part 2 – Revenge Gain by Defense or Revenge Mode Defense.
    • Parry counts as Defense, so either of these is great. I prefer Revenge Gain by Defense.
  • Weapon Part 3 – Revenge Mode Attack or Throw Distance
  • Helm – Exhaustion Recovery
    • Lawbringer can lose all stamina and go into Exhaustion pretty fast, so I like using this stat. If you have no problem, go with Revenge Mode Duration.
  • Arms – Stamina Regen or Revive Speed
    • Lawbringer has a feat where his revives are protected, which means enemies can’t stop him from reviving. Increasing the speed of revive will make this even better.
  • Chest – Execution Health Regen or Sprint Speed to catch runners

Other Lawbringer Tips

for honor lawbringer combat

Parry, Parry, Parry

A big part of the Lawbringer is parrying attacks into other attacks. This sets you up for multiple attacks and can knock people down for a free attack if they lose their stamina when you Parry.

Shove is a great tool

Another Lawbringer specialty is Shove. This is an unblockable push back, so it is great when the enemy guardbreaks. You can also start combos and do them right after a block, so it gives you a lot of opening to attack the enemy.

Utilize The Long Arm

This attack will lift the opponent and toss them right behind you. This can be used to throw people off cliffs when they attempt to do so to you, or get better positioning for an attack. It also has the added bonus of looking pretty cool.

That’s all I have for this For Honor Lawbringer guide. Let me know if you need any help or have tips of your own!

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