Looking to find the best ore in Forge Ahead while excavating rocks? Here's how to mine mithril, gold, and diamond ore in no time!

Forge Ahead: Best Ores in the Game

Looking to find the best ore in Forge Ahead while excavating rocks? Here's how to mine mithril, gold, and diamond ore in no time!
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Who knew you could become a master blacksmith while idle on your phone? That’s the premise of the time-wasting freemium mobile title Forge Ahead, which skips a few steps in teaching you how to craft medieval weaponry. Want to know the best Forge Ahead game ores for making the perfect sword?

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Excavating better ore for forging means swords will sell for higher prices, or give you a better chance at completing the random quests as people appear and ask for weapons.

Let’s take a look at all the best ores, and find out exactly how to get them.

Forge Ahead Best Ores List

Ores aren’t labeled until after you forge a weapon, so you won’t know the specific names as you hammer rocks to find the ore inside.

Instead, you need to memorize the colors of each ore ball while excavating rocks in the forge screen. Here’s the full list, from worst ore to best ore:

  • Light Gray Tin
  • Sky Blue Iron
  • Orange Copper
  • Black Steel
  • Blue Mithril
  • Light White/Blue Silver
  • Yellow Gold
  • White Diamond

To get the best upper-tier best ores, you have to watch the ads on the main screen before forging. Watching ads gives you twice the chance at better ore and higher forging power.

There is another way to game the system and get better ore, however. In the early levels, a maximum of three ore rocks will appear on your forge at a time.

The forge screen remains locked in place until you fully excavate four rocks and start melting the ore.

Here’s why that matters: each ore’s color is visible before the rock is fully excavated.

That means you can manually pick the best ore out of the current bunch of three and fully excavate it, causing another rock to drop with a different randomized ore.

From there, just keep repeating the process of only taking the best ore out of the batch of three until you mine all four ores and get the best possible sword from the current batch!

What’s the best ore you’ve found so far, and have you earned enough gold to unlock the better sword types? Sound off below, and be sure to let us know if you have any other questions about how to forge the best weapons! 

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