To finish this Fortnite challenge, you need to plan a route to visit three taco shops in a single match.

Fornite Taco Shop Locations – Week 9 Challenge

To finish this Fortnite challenge, you need to plan a route to visit three taco shops in a single match.

Wondering where to find the taco shops in Fortnite for the Season 3, Week 9 challenges? 

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There are five Fornite taco shops we’ve found so far, but they are spread across the map, so you want to plan your route ahead of time to avoid getting stuck in the storm.

Looking for the Moisty Mire treasure map location instead? We’ve got you covered with a full Week 9 treasure hunt guide here.

Fortnite Taco Shops Challenge

You need to visit three of these restaurants in a single match, which can be a bit difficult if you don’t know where they are, especially since other players will be using them as camping points.

All the specific locations are covered below. To hit all three while traveling the least distance (so you don’t get stuck behind the storm or caught out in the open in a firefight), it’s easiest to land south of Shifty Shafts, then head north to grab the two near Tilted Towers.

Landing at Tilted Towers first is always a gamble since other players probably hit the ground before you and are already armed. Alternatively, you could land at Tomato Town and then head south and west, but there’s a lot more distance to cover in that route.

a player coming upon a white car parked outside one of the elusive taco shops Finding a Fortnite Taco Shop (thanks to z CerealGlitchers for the screenshot)

Best Taco Shop Locations

You can find all the Taco Shops marked by the red circles on the map below, or by heading directly to these locations:

  • The southwest portion of the map, slightly to the south of Shifty Shafts
    • In the pit stop area just past the hill with the road
  • The far west side of the map, to the west of Tilted Towers
    • In the large concrete area next to the warehouse building
  • Inside Tilted Towers, to the east of the previous Taco Shop
    • In the northwest corner of the area, near a big yellow bus
  • The Retail Row area on the eastern side of the map
    • In the northeast quadrant of Retail Row, near the edge of the area
  • The northeast end of the map at Tomato Town
    • In the far north end of this area, next to the pizza restaurant building

Remember that you only need to hit three taco shops in a single match to complete the challenge, and as always, be on the lookout for remote explosives left inside the taco shops or sniping players on nearby rooftops looking for an easy mark!

locations of the taco shops as indicated by red circles on the map Fortnite Taco Shop Challenge Locations

Are you ready for Fortnite Season 4 to arrive next month? Let us know your guesses for what the theme will be!

This week’s v3.5 update included quite a few shakeups, including the indefinite removal of the overpowered guided rocket, the addition of the light machine gun, and the utterly nuts 50v50 V2 limited time mode! On the Save the World side, the new Neon Mercury LMB is available in the event store and can take down a wave of husks all at once.

Obviously, there are also new Battle Royale challenges other than just finding taco shops across the map. Here’s the full lineup of Fortnite Season 3, Week 9 challenges now available to play:

  • Deal damage to opponents’ structures – 5 Stars
  • Search chests in Haunted Hills – 5 Stars
  • Build Structures – 5 Stars
  • Visit different Taco Shops in a single match – 5 Stars 
  • Follow the treasure map found in Moisty Mire (Hard) – 10 Stars
  • Shotgun Eliminations (Hard) – 10 Stars
  • Eliminate opponents in Lucky Landing – 10 Stars

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