Learn more about the advanced crafting materials in Forspoken.

Forspoken Advanced Crafting Material Guide

Learn more about the advanced crafting materials in Forspoken.

While Forspoken doesn’t make it clear from the outset, there is a split between its basic and advanced crafting materials. The rarity of such materials determines the types of items and upgrades that can be crafted.

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Our guide delves into what differentiates advanced materials from their ordinary counterparts, as there are more ways to get advanced materials in Forspoken than gathering nodes.

Basic Crafting Materials in Forspoken

Here is a list of all the basic crafting materials: 

  • Grainstone
  • Spinestone
  • Anglestone
  • Ringstone
  • Beamstone
  • Balm Flax
  • Crag Grass
  • Shore Violet
  • Tall Aster
  • Junoon’s Mantle
  • Fervid Cluster
  • Leaden Cluster
  • Lambent Cluster
  • Welkin Cluster
  • Lucid Cluster

The most common basic materials such as the plants and flowers are typically found out in open fields, chests, or within points of interest.

The slightly less common clusters, which are all called breakshards within this universe, can also be found in these circumstances. However, they’re more likely to drop from enemies

Advanced Crafting Materials Explained

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The following list includes all advanced crafting materials: 

  • Diurnite
  • Noctite
  • Fluteblossom
  • Feather
  • Nugget
  • Wild Musk
  • Bumbershoot
  • Fervid Bloom
  • Leaden Bloom
  • Lambent Bloom
  • Welkin Bloom
  • Lucid Bloom
  • Leaden Garland
  • Welkin Garland
  • Lucid Garland

How to Get Advanced Materials in Forspoken

Feathers and nuggets, which are used to craft medicine and material pouches, are only found in chests or points of interest. A deeper explanation of pouches and the crafting system can be found in our crafting guide

Advanced materials can be found out in open fields, chests, within points of interest, or as enemy drops. The main difference is that they’re far less common than the basic crafting materials. While you may end up reaching capacity limits for basic materials, it’s not likely that this will happen with crafting materials. 

Alternatively, advanced crafting materials can also be crafted from basic materials. For example, you can craft one Lambent Bloom from four Lambent Clusters. However, you will need to invest in the Modify and Rarify abilities from Frey’s skill tree to make use of this. 

The Modify ability lets you convert crafting materials into a different type. For example, Modify will let you turn a Furvid Cluster into a Leaden Cluster. More importantly, you’ll be able to turn an advanced material into another advanced material. This might be useful in cases where you have more of one material type than you need at the moment. 

The Rarify ability lets you craft rarer versions of a material such as the boost from any of the Clusters to Blooms. While on the upgrade screen, you can press the triangle button on a PlayStation controller to view a list of the required materials. Doing so shows all the materials an upgrade needs and how to acquire those specific materials. For example, this screen breaks down which enemies drop which material. 

Why are advanced materials necessary? Most useful gear upgrades outside of basic stat buffs will ask for at least one advanced material. The upgrade system is discussed in more detail in our upgrade guide, and we have many other Forspoken guides including how to counterattack or how to upgrade your magic abilities.

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