Curious about whether you can play Forspoken with others? Find out in our guide.

Forspoken: Does It Have Multiplayer?

Curious about whether you can play Forspoken with others? Find out in our guide.

Forspoken has launched into the live service age, with tons of traditionally single-player franchises and developers delving into the multiplayer space. It’s also not completely unheard of for RPGs to feature multiplayer. After all, long-standing series such as Pokemon and Tales of have offered different flavors of competitive multiplayer or co-op over the years. With all that said, is Forspoken one of those games? 

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Does Forspoken Have Multiplayer?

Forspoken does not have any multiplayer functionality whatsoever. This doesn’t cover only the act of multiple people playing within the same session. The lack of online functionality means there are no leaderboards or corpses that represent your friends list or even icons that showcase where someone took a photo mode shot. 

Forspoken is strictly a single-player experience from top to bottom. Only come to Forspoken if a narrative-driven single-player game interests you. This is mostly down to the fact that the narrative and gameplay revolve around a single character. There is no party system, nor are there multiple playable characters. This makes it difficult to integrate a seamless co-operative experience. Considering the studio’s history, it’s unlikely that future titles will offer any sort of multiplayer. 

Despite the lack of multiplayer, you might still want to learn more about Forspoken before making up your mind about it. If that’s the case, you can check out our review here. Alternatively, our guides hub features an extensive breakdown of all of the game’s systems for those that need more information. 

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