Wondering how the fast travel system works in Forspoken? Here's what you need to know about Cipal, Belfries, and Refuges.

Forspoken Fast Travel Explained

Wondering how the fast travel system works in Forspoken? Here's what you need to know about Cipal, Belfries, and Refuges.

Nearly every open world game has some sort of fast travel system, with Forspoken being no different. While this time-saving feature exists across so many games, its implementation and the use cases surrounding fast travel can vary from title to title. Forspoken offers one of the most freeform fast travel systems in the genre. 

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How Fast Travel Works in Forspoken

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Forspoken offers three main avenues for fast travel: Refuges, Belfry Towers, and Cipal at large. 

Cipal Fast Travel

Cipal is the single surviving civilization in all of Athia. You’ll come across this city soon after starting the game. The city square will become the only city fast travel point because the rest of the cities have been corrupted by the Break.

Fast Travel via Belfry Towers

Belfry Towers are exactly what they sound like for anyone familiar with open-world games like Assassin’s Creed, Dying Light 2, or Gotham Knights. These are indicated by the map icon that looks like a Wi-Fi tower icon.

Performing cuff scans at each Belfry lets you see nearby points of interest, including Refuges. A cuff scan does not need to be performed in order to unlock a Belfry. Simply walking nearby a Belfry unlocks it as a fast travel point

Refuge Fast Travel Points

Refuges are the equivalent to safe houses in other open-world games. They’re represented by a house or hut icon on the map. Aside from acting as fast travel points, Refuges also allow you to set challenges, craft items, and upgrade gear. 

Unlike a Belfry, a Refuge fast travel point unlocks after entering the building. Each Refuge contains a book resting on a podium. Refuges are tiny, making these books impossible to miss. Interacting with the book pins related Refuges on the map. However, these books won’t do anything if you’ve already discovered the Refuge on your own. 

When Can You Fast Travel in Forspoken?

You don’t need to find an existing fast-travel location to initiate the mechanic. Forspoken lets you fast travel from any position on the map. This even includes mid-free fall

There are only two instances during which fast travel is prohibited: During quests and while in combat. In any other scenario, you can pull up the map and navigate to the desired location using the on-screen cursor. For more, including how crafting works, how to upgrade magic, and how to counterattack, click the links or head over to our Forspoken tips hub.

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