Fortnite: Best Guess Who Maps with Codes

Find out the best Guess Who maps in Fortnite here.

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Fortnite is full of fun player-made games in the Creative gallery. One of the most popular right now is the Guess Who mini-game, and I can’t recommend it enough. In this guide, I’ll list out the best Guess Who maps with codes in Fortnite Creative here in our guide.

How to Play Guess Who in Fortnite

Fornite Guess Who is similar to the classic board game, and you can use matchmaking with another player or invite a friend to your lobby. Then, you’ll take turns asking questions to figure out each other’s character card. The clues will help you eliminate guesses on your board, and once you’re confident, you can make your final guess.

Of course, you’ll have the best odds guessing once you’re down to 1 character card. But, if your opponent is beating you to the punch, you might have to make a lucky guess with a few choices left on the board. So without further ado, let’s talk about the best Guess Who creative maps to play right now.

Top 3 Guess Who Creative Maps to Play Now

Khao’s Guess Who?

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  • Island Code: 9477-4926-3832

Khao’s Guess Who will put you in a room with a board of characters. You’ll need to pick your character for guessing, and your opponent will do the same. You’ll need your mic for this one, because it has no prompted questions.

Fort Who: Guess Who

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  • Island Code: 5794-2200-8636

Fort Who is the most popular Guess Who game in Fortnite. You’ll have the choice of ten categories, so it’s got plenty to choose from. You’ll be assigned your character once the category is decided. Additionally, you’ll have prompted questions, giving you a bit of guidance as you play.

Dengoso’s Guess Who?

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  • Island Code: 9664-4978-9295

Dengoso’s Guess Who has similar rules to Khaos. So, you’ll need your microphone and to pick your own character. Additionally, you’ll need to come up with your own questions throughout the match.

All of these maps are great for online duos. However, if you’re looking to play with a random, I highly recommend Fort Who. It has quick matchmaking, and the prompted questions are great if you don’t want to have your mic turned on.

That’s the best Fortnite Guess Who maps with their codes. Stay tuned with us at our guides hub here for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs.

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