Fortnite Bullseye Locations and Tips Guide

Need help finding the Fortnite bullseye landing spots? We list out all 25 locations to be found on the Battle Royale map!

Need help finding the Fortnite bullseye landing spots? We list out all 25 locations to be found on the Battle Royale map!

Week 3 of Fortnite‘s Season 3 is off to an explosive start as new limited-time modes and updated challenges arrive to test your 99 vs 1 Battle Royale skills! Seven new challenges are slated to arrive each week this season that give you something to do besides hiding as a bush or hunting down other players in every match.

Some of these odd objectives add a pretty high degree of difficulty since it can be hard to complete a challenge while outrunning the storm or avoiding players who are camping around an objective’s location.

This week’s challenges include finding the Snobby Shores treasure map location and landing on ground bullseyes after jumping off the battle bus (among other new entries that aren’t as difficult, like getting kills in Salty Springs or opening chests in Junk Junction).

Below we list out how to find every Fortnite bullseye location, which appear as a glowing red bullseye image from the air. Keep in mind that all players can see them, so you will probably be in for an immediate fight when you hit the ground!

Just one of the Fortnite Bullseye locations Coming in for a hot landing on a Fortnite Bullseye (thanks to MitchGames247 for the screenshot)

How to Find the Season 3 Bullseye Locations

While there are a bunch of bullseye landing locations across the map, you only have to land on seven bullseyes during this season to complete the weekly challenge.

So far, 25 different bullseye locations have been discovered, and they are all pretty easy to see from the air, so hitting them isn’t too difficult. All you really need to know is a general area for where to jump off the bus and start hang gliding. Obviously, you have to play seven different matches to complete the challenge since you can only land once per match.

All 25 bullseye locations currently discovered can be seen in the map below, circled in red. The only areas that don’t really have any bullseyes at the moment are Snobby Shores, Greasy Grove, and Shifty Shafts. The rest of the map is peppered with them, and you’ll probably find a few just by jumping randomly and looking down while you glide.

For ease of reference, here we’ve also listed out some of the easier ones to land on to quickly complete the seven bullseye locations landing challenge:

  • Of course there’s one directly on the roof of the Loot Lake house
  • One is found on the hill just to the south of Tilted Towers
  • The tower in Wailing Woods has a bullseye
  • A landing spot is found on the soccer field near the middle of Pleasant Park
  • The main lodge at Lonely Lodge is an easy spot to land on
  • West of Anarchy Acres (nearly the same location as the Umbrella, Pool, Windmill challenge)
  • A bullseye is positioned on the hill west of Retail Row (near the road running from Dusty Depot to Retail Row)
  • The center of Dusty Depot houses a bullseye landing location
  • Another is found at the south end of Flush Factory
  • North of Flush Factory, on the path that leads to the village (look for the burned-out building)
  • The bridge east of Flush Factory
  • The bridge east of Anarchy Acres
  • South of Moisty Mire
  • The spiraling path at map marker J6 has a landing spot (south of Lonely Lodge and northeast of Moisty Mire)

The locations of each Fortnite landing bullseye 

All Fortnite Season 3 Bullseye Landing Locations

Let us know when you land on your seven bullseyes, and if you find any other locations we missed, be sure to leave a comment so we can update the map!

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