Fortnite: How to Complete the Prism Apparatus Quest

Here's how to complete the secret Prism Apparatus quest in Fortnite.

Fortnite Prism Apparatus quest
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Fortnite WILDS has plenty to be excited about, and you can even discover a secret quest in the new Jungle region. The Prism Apparatus is a hidden quest that can grant you 20,000 XP if you know how to complete it. Here’s our guide on the Fortnite Prism Apparatus quest.

How to Complete the Prism Apparatus Quest in Fortnite

How to Start the Prism Apparatus Quest

To complete the Prism Apparatus quest in Fortnite you’ll need to head to the Jungle ruins east of Rumble Ruins. It’s directly following the patch of water east of the Rumble Ruins, and you’ll see its location marked on the map above. The structure of ruins has an entrance at its base on the west side with a pedestal holding the Prism Apparatus. To start the quest, you just have to pick up the Prism from the Pedestal.

How to Find Trace to Deliver the Prism Apparatus Quest

Fortnite Prism Apparatus Trace location
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After picking up the Prism, you’ll get the hidden quest, and be directed to deliver the Prism to Trace at The Apparatus. I had no trouble at all finding Trace. To get to him, head around to the other side of the ruins and you’ll see a set of stairs. Go to the top of the stairs and you’ll see Trace pacing on the upper level.

Simply talk to Trace to complete the quest, and you’ll receive 20,000 XP which is a great boost towards the season’s Battle Pass rewards. It’s good to know that even if Trace is somehow eliminated, he’ll still be available. After giving him the Prism, you’ll hear Trace remark on how it’s made from Kinetic Ore and it could be a part of The Apparatus, a sweet tidbit of lore for the Fortnite universe.

Well, that’s it for how to complete the Prism Apparatus quest in Fortnite. For more WILDS content check out our other Fortnite guides here.

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