Fortnite: How to Fix Error Code 18 Denial of Reason

Find out how to fix the denial of reason error code 18 in Fortnite here.

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Nothing gets in the way of Fortnite quite like an error code. Error code 18 is up there with the worst of the worst because it typically occurs when trying to play with a party. Find out how to fix error code 18 Denial of Reason in this guide.

How to Fix Error Code 18 Denial of Reason in Fortnite

I prefer to play Fortnite with a friend in duos, so the last thing I want is an error code keeping me from joining their lobby. Error code 18 will do just that and prevent you from joining a party or accepting a match invitation. So, let’s talk about how to fix it.

Check Server Status

Checking the server status is the first thing I do when I encounter an error. Doing so will let you know if Fortnite servers have been brought down for maintenance.

  • Head to the Epic Games Public Status page to check.
  • Join the official Fortnite Discord server: The Discord server features a Fortnite status channel, announcements, bug reporting, community support, and more. You can join the forum to chat with other players live and see if anyone else is experiencing the issue.
  • Check the Fortnite Status Twitter/X. This Twitter/X page frequently updates with patches and any bugs the team is aware of and working on.

Invite Your Friends to Your Lobby

If you’re having issues joining a lobby, try switching it up by inviting your friends to yours instead. I’ve had luck with this simple fix on more than one occasion.

Join Friends via the Epic Games Friends List

If you utilize the Epic friends list rather than the Fortnite friends list, you might be able to circumvent the error and join your friend’s party.

Change Party and Multiplayer Settings

When it comes to multiplayer bugs, the solution is oftentimes found in the multiplayer settings. If you’re still having issues after this setting change, I recommend asking your friends to do the same thing.

  • Change your Party type from private to public or vice versa.
    • Party Icon > Settings > Change Status of Party Privacy.
  • Turn Crossplay On.
    • Settings > Privacy > Enable Crossplay.

Submit a Ticket

If all else fails, submit an official support ticket to Epic Games Support via the Fortnite Support page.

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That’s how to fix Error Code 18 “denial of reason” in Fortnite. Trying these solutions could help you get back to asking your friends — Where are we droppin’? Unfortunately, if none of them work for you, you’ll need to wait until Epic clears up the issue. In the meantime, check out our guides hub for additional error fixes and more.

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