Fortnite OG Minigun: How to Get It

You'll need to find the Minigun for an OG Fortnite quest. Here's how to get it.

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Fortnite OG has unvaulted some fan-favorite weapons like the Clingers and Drum Gun. A popular Chapter 1 bullet-slinger is back in action, too, and you’ll need it for a daily quest. Here’s how to get the Fortnite OG minigun.

How to Get Fortnite OG Minigun

The Minigun is a fast-firing assault rifle with endless ammo that’s highly effective at destroying objects and dealing damage to opponents. You’ll need to destroy structures with the weapon for an OG quest, so where do you find one?

The Minigun can be found in Supply Drops, Chests, and fallen opponents’ loot. So, you can find it anywhere on the map. However, it took me more than 20 matches to come across one, so I can attest that it’s a rare drop. I had success finding one on the floating island of Loot Lake, but it wasn’t there in any future rounds. So, it’s really down to luck. I must admit, though, I was over the moon when I finally came across it in a chest.

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Minigun Details and Stats

Considering it took me more than two dozen rounds to find one, it’s safe to say that the Minigun could use some adjusting when it comes to RNG. The Minigun is available as an Epic or Legendary loot drop, and each rarity has its own stats. Here are the details for both.

  • Epic Minigun
    • DPS: 240.
    • Damage: 20.
    • Magazine Size: Infinite.
    • Fire Rate: 12.
    • Reload Time: 4.75s.
    • Structure Damage: 32.
  • Legendary Minigun
    • DPS: 252.
    • Damage: 21.
    • Magazine Size: Infinite.
    • Fire Rate: 12.
    • Reload Time: 4.5s.
    • Structure Damage: 33.

How to Use the Minigun Effectively

Notably, the Fortninte OG Minigun will always fire a spread of bullets in a random pattern, so there’s no sense in trying to anticipate its bullet spread. However, I’ve found that if you crouch while using the weapon, the bullet spread will decrease in diameter (Increasing accuracy). Additionally, the rate of fire increases over time as you hold down the trigger.

That’s where to find the Minigun in Fortnite OG. Stay tuned with us at our guides hub here for all there is to know for this throwback to the past.

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