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Fortnite Raiding The Rig Quests Guide

Time to infiltrate these Wasteland bases!

The Welcome to the Wasteland quests did a great job introducing us to the new season of Fortnite. Now it’s time to dig even deeper and start uncovering the new mysteries of The Wasteland in the Raiding The Rig story quests. Here’s how to complete all the steps for this quest set.

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How to Complete All Raiding The Rig Quests in Fortnite

Like always, Raiding The Rig is a series of tasks to complete for this Part 2 story quest set. They will continue the story behind the Part 1 set and dig up some more lore of the season, not to mention earn you a lot of XP. We’ll explain how to complete all the steps of Part 2 right here so you can efficiently work through it!

How to Get Intel from Brite Raider and Rust

To begin, you’ll need to speak to some other NPCs around The Wasteland: Brite Raider and Rust. They aren’t at any named locations or marked spots on the map, which makes this a lot more interesting. You can find them at these landmarks:

  • Brite Raider: Isle southeast of Brutal Beachhead
  • Rust: Sandy Strip – Northwest of Sandy Steppes

All you need to do to complete this portion of the quests is interact with them. Approach their characters and press X/Square/E to speak to them, and you can click through all your dialogue if you want.

How to Collect a Security Card From Guards at Redline Rig

Thanks to Brite Raider’s and Rust’s intel, your next step will be stealing a security card off a guard in Redline Rig. To do this, you’ll need to eliminate some Wasteland Guards, specifically the ones at the Redline Rig POI.

Some really easy guards to locate at Redline Rig are patrolling the ground level below the base. Make sure you gear up before you approach them. Once you eliminate them, you’ll find the security card on the ground that you can interact with to pick up.

Once you have the card, you’ll be able to gain access to the Terminals around Redline Rig.

Where to Upload Data to Hope from Terminals at Redline Rig

There are three different terminals you’ll need to upload the data to, all of which are located at Redline Rig. If you just picked up the card, you should already be there to find the Terminals. If not, make your way back there, and you’ll find the terminals at these locations:

  • Ground floor boss car garage – Drop to the ground floor level, and the garage will be on the east side. Inside, you’ll see the cage where the boss car usually is kept, and across from it is the terminal.
  • First floor, west side – Take a zipline up from the ground floor, and on this level, look around the western side for a terminal beside another red monitor screen.
  • First floor, east side – From the west side terminal, turn right and continue straight to the east side of the first floor and you’ll find the last terminal.

Interact with each terminal to upload the data and move on to the next step.

How to Destroy Structures and Damage Opponents at Megalo Depot or Brutal Beachhead

The next step is fairly flexible. You’ll need to destroy structures and damage opponents, but you can do it at either the Megalo Depot landmark or at Brutal Beachhead. I would suggest destroying structures at Megalo Depot since there will be fewer enemies and damaging opponents at Brutal Beachhead since there will be more.

In either location that you choose, I would highly recommend using a vehicle to do both portions of this quest. Both locations have plenty of mods, so if you mod your car with a turret, you can quickly destroy things and damage enemies nearby.

Destroying structures and damaging opponents at Brutal Beachhead or Megalo Depot
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Where to Steal the Pandora Gem from Brutal Beachhead

After you wipe out some of these Wasteland bases, you’ll need to sneak into Brutal Beachhead and steal Megalo Don’s prized possession: the Pandora Gem. You’ll find the Pandora Gem in the boss car’s garage on the southwest side of the area.

Once you get inside the garage, you’ll see the case against the back wall on the left side of the car cage. You can interact with it to take the gem.

Where to Deliver the Pandora Gem to Hope

Lastly, you’ll need to deliver that freshly stolen Pandora Gem to Hope. We spoke with her in the Welcome to the Wastleland quests, but if you don’t remember her exact location, here’s some help:

She’s in the house on the northeast side of Sandy Steppes. She wanders up and down the two levels of the house, so you’ll find her as soon as you walk inside. Speak to her to hand over the gem and complete this week’s set of story quests.

We’ll have to wait another week to see what will become of this Pandora Gem and if Hope is a little bit out of her element here. From past experiences, I think we can assume even more chaos will be unleashed as we progress in this season.

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