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Fortnite Welcome to the Wasteland Quests Guide

Begin your adventure through the Wastelands with this first set of story quests!

The first set of story quests for Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 3, Welcome to the Wasteland, is a great way to get familiar with the new locations and features. On top of that, you’ll uncover the new story lore and earn some XP for the Battle Pass. Here’s how to work through this series of quests.

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How to Complete All Welcome to the Wasteland Quests in Fortnite

Welcome to the Wasteland is made up of six different quests. You’ll complete them in consecutive order, so once you finish one of them, you’ll unlock the next step, and so on. This set will introduce you to many new items and features for this new season, so if you need help figuring out where to get started, we have you covered.

These are all the quests and every step to complete them:

Talk to Hope and Jones

The first step to your Welcome to Wasteland quests is to speak to Hope and Jones. Luckily, they aren’t too far away from each other on the map, making it convenient to speak to both in the same match. Hope is just east of Sandy Steppes and Jones, a bit further east, closer to Nitrodrome.

Interact with them like any other NPC, X, Square, or E, and then skip through all their dialogue (careful doing this too close to other enemy players because you’ll be stuck in the dialogue and unable to react for a second).

Damage Opponents While Boosting in a Vehicle

After speaking to Jones and Hope, your next step will be to hop into a vehicle and put it to good use, damaging some opponents. There are two different ways you can do this: running into opponents or hitting them with a turret or gun. However, both ways require the car to be boosting while you damage them.

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If you’re playing solo, the best way to complete this quest is to try and run over opponents. This is fairly easy to do, thanks to the bumper mods you can apply to your car. You’ll need to rack up 100 damage, so boost full speed at your opponent and try to hit them. You’ll have to at least twice to get the damage you need.

Another way to involves having a duo or squad with you. Have your teammate drive the vehicle while you operate the turret or shoot your gun from the passenger seat. Hit opponents as your teammate boosts until you get the damage you need for the quest.

Damage Objects or Structures While Infused with Nitro

The next quest is very similar to the last one, only you’ll damage objects and structures instead of opponents. Again, there are two different ways you can go about this: Nitro on yourself or Nitro on a vehicle. Either way, you’ll gain progress toward your quest.

Nitro Vehicle

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One way to complete this quest is to use a vehicle with Nitro. Any vehicle can have Nitro as long as you run into the Nitro tanks or drive through the Nitro flaming rings around the map. However, the best way is to use a boss vehicle since they have unlimited Nitro at all times. Once you have a vehicle with Nitro, all you need to do is ram into things until you break the proper amount of items.

Nitro Splashes

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The other way to complete the quest is to use Nitro on yourself. You can apply Nitro on yourself just like you can with a car by going through rings and hitting Nitro tanks. However, the best way to do it is to use Nitro Splashes. In most locations, you can find them in chests or as ground loot. When you use them, you’ll have a limited amount of Nitro active, and during that time, you can ram through walls and obstacles by sprinting into them. This is how you can damage structures and objects for the quest.

Install Vehicle Mods

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The next quest is pretty simple, and you’ve probably been doing it already. You need to mod your car. Pick up a car from the outskirts of most Named Locations or Service Stations and run into the mod boxes to apply them. You’ll need to apply four different kinds to complete the quest.

Where to find Vehicle Mods

The best place to go for this quest, for mods and vehicles, are Service Stations. This has replaced a lot of gas stations in the world and is where you can go to not only fuel your car but repair it. It’s also where the mods usually spawn in. Here’s where you can find the Service Stations:

  • Northeast of Lavish Lair
  • Southwest of Lavish Lair
  • Northeast of Reckless Railways
  • Northeast of Restored Reels
  • South of Restored Reels
  • Northwest of Pleasant Piazza
  • Between Pleasant Piazza and Sandy Steppes
  • Between Sandy Steppes and Nitrodrome
  • Between Brutal Beachhead and Redline Rig
  • Southeast of Nitrodrome
  • West of Brawler’s Battelground
  • North of Mount Olympus

Search Containers at Wasteland Landmarks

After modding your car, you can use it to travel around the Wasteland and stop at some landmark locations. At these landmarks, you’ll need to search various containers. A container qualifies as any lootable box: produce boxes, ammo boxes, chests, cash registers, and safes. However, you need first to find the right landmarks.

Landmarks aren’t referring to the main new locations marked on the map. Instead, these are smaller new spots surrounding those locations. They aren’t marked on the map, but here’s where you’ll find them:

  • Cliffside Lodge – South of Restored Reels
  • Primo Pumps – Northeast of Sandy Steppes
  • Snooty Station – Northeast of Sandy Steppes
  • The Dam Bridge – Southwest of Nitrodrome
  • The Wreckmill – Southwest of Nitrodrome
  • Oasis east of Nitrodrome
  • Pea Bois HQ – Northwest of Redline Rig
  • Oasis Northwest of Redline Rig
  • Megalo Depot – Between Brutal Beachhead and Redline Rig
  • Island South of Megalo Depot
  • South of Redline Rig
  • Oasis Southeast of Redline Rig
  • Lil Dirty Dock – Southeast of Redline Rig
  • East of Redline Rig
  • Oasis Northeast of Redline Rig
  • Cliffside Lodge – North of Redline Rig
  • Northeast of Cliffside Lodge

At these locations, you’ll need to open ten different containers. Make sure you aren’t breaking them but holding the loot button on them. It won’t count for the challenge if you break them.

Collect Surveillance Devices at Different Wasteland Locations

To finish up this set of quests, Hope will request that you help collect the Surveillance Devices scattered around the Wasteland. These are cameras on tripods that you’ll need to interact with.

There are seven different locations you can go to, even though you only need six of the devices. Here’s where to go:

  • Sandy Steppes
  • The Dam Bridge – Northeast of Sandy Steppes
  • Brutal Beachhead
  • The Wreckmill – South of Nitrodrome
  • Megalo Depot – East of Brutal Beachhead
  • Redline Rig
  • Lil Dirty Dock – Southeast of Redline Rig

When you get to those locations, look for the exclamation mark above the device, helping you locate it more easily. If you’re still having trouble, here are the exact spots you’ll find them (minus the one at The Dam Bridge):

  • Sandy Steppes – In the sunken shop on the southeast side.
  • Brutal Beachhead – In the bottom left side of the main ship, enter doorway on the left leading to the stairs and you’ll spot.
  • The Wreckmill – Underneath the large tower.
  • Megalo Depot – In the garage on the north side of the location, separated from the other buildings.
  • Redline Rig – Northeast side on the ground level; it’s on a ledge.
  • Lil Dirty Dock – Northwest side, right outside of a building.

Once you finish collecting these six devices, you’ll have to wait for the next set of quests to continue the story. For now, keep completing Weekly quests or picking up Wastelander Challenges to keep leveling up.

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