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Fortnite Summer Escape: Where to Find Coconuts

You'll want to find coconuts for the Summer Escape event in Fortnite. Here's a quick way to get them.

The Fortnite Summer Escape event has returned and is full of fun activities. As expected, you’ll complete seasonally-themed tasks that take you across the map, one of which requires you to find and collect Coconuts. The event lasts from July 4 until July 18, and we’re here to tell you where to find Coconuts in Fortnite to finish up this Quench Quest.

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Where to Find Coconuts in Fortnite

Coconuts are like any fruit in Fortnite and can be found in a few ways to complete this Quench Quest.

  • Produce Boxes
  • Loot from eliminated players
Fortnite Produce Box location on map
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Produce boxes are the guaranteed way to find coconuts. You can come across produce boxes in many areas across the map, but I had the best luck finding them in the collection of buildings east of Mega City and West of Knotty Nets. I found three of them in the cluster of buildings there, allowing me to complete the special event quest requiring a banana, apple, and coconut in one fell swoop.

How to Get Coconuts from Produce Boxes

Fortnite Produce Box
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Once you find a produce box, simply interact with it to reveal the fruit inside. What you get from these caches is randomized, so you may need to open more than one to get a coconut. Thankfully, getting a different assortment of fruit is still useful for the Quench Quest’s goals. Since Collect Fruit only requires you to collect coconuts, you can drop them or consume them for five health points.

While getting kills is another way to find these elusive items, it’s a much less efficient method considering the RNG (and danger) involved. Keep an eye out every time you eliminate another player to make sure you’re not missing a fruit, but don’t make the activity your primary source.

If you’re having any issues completing the challenge, double-check that you’ve finished the Stage 1 Gain 200 Shields quest for the event. I finished Stage 1 pretty quickly because, like most players, Shields are one of the first things I look for at the start of a match.

That’s it for where to find coconuts in Fortnite. For more Summer Escape walkthroughs and content, check out our other Fortnite guides here.

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