There's a whole new town to plunder while destroying your enemies in Fortnite's Battle Royale mode!

Fortnite Tilted Towers Landing and Gold Chest Guide

There's a whole new town to plunder while destroying your enemies in Fortnite's Battle Royale mode!

Ever more changes keep arriving in Fortnite‘s massively popular Battle Royale 100-player matches in update 2.2.0, with some of the latest including a revamped map with more room to run and gun!

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This patch includes new areas like the Underground Mine and the mini-town called Tilted Towers. Located just southwest of Loot Lake on the newly redesigned map, Tilted Towers is currently the hottest place to land to quickly grab chests and gun down the opposition.

Tilted Towers Tips

Filled with multi-floor buildings that frequently have basements with hidden areas, Tilted Towers is all about vertical combat in close quarters. Hanging out up high and sniping anyone who breaks from cover to explore a different building is a viable tactic in the early minutes of the game, before the storm closes in tighter.

While inside the buildings, the first player to grab a shotgun can absolutely clean up. To counter this deadly tactic, don’t feel shy about fortifying a location just like if you were out in the open.

Although some areas will be blocked off from building structures due to obstacles in the room, a well-placed wall or staircase here can be the difference between life and death.

Nothing vexes a player on a shotgun rampage more than having a sudden brick wall appear to block the hallway as a grenade comes sailing overhead.

 Gliding down towards Tilted Towers

Tilted Towers Landing Locations

Although it seems counterproductive, a good strategy is to jump from the bus well before dropping over the Tilted Towers area and to hang glide for a while before landing.

You get a good lay of the land that way — clearly seeing where people are currently running around the Towers — so you can land in a safe area not already swarming with players. Just by hanging back a few seconds, you can make it to the top 50 as everyone guns each other down in this new area.

Normally getting to any Fortnite Battle Royale location first is the key, since you’ll have a weapon and the opponent landing next won’t, but that’s not as important at Tilted Towers for two reasons. 

First, tons of players will have already died, and not all their loot will have been picked up, so getting a gun and ammo is easy as pie. Second, this area is an absolute gold chest bonanza.

Chest spawns are randomized, but certain locations more frequently have spawns and can be reliably checked for good starting loot. Picking any of these spots to land will give you an edge:

  • The mini park with the two large trees inside a small stone wall at the northwest side often has a chest out in the open.
  • Head over to the side of the park on the southwest end of Tilted Towers and use your pickaxe to destroy the brown tile of ground just next to the stone wall, as there’s frequently a secret underground room with a chest.

 Underground chest location (thanks to UnitedFade for the screenshot)

  • Two chests frequently spawn on the clock tower visible from the air.
  • Inside the pawn shop on the south side, look for a hole behind the shelves for ammo boxes and a chest.
  • The back room of the grocery store at the southwest side of Tilted Towers has a chest at the end of the hallway.

 Grocery store gold chest location

  • At the east side of the Twisted Towers (near the W on the name spelled on the map), you can see a chest on the second floor of one building through the window.
  • At the top floor of the taco restaurant building (after walking through the door at the end of the stairs), turn right and bash down the wall to find a hidden room with a chest.
  • A chest often spawns on the bed in the bedroom of the tall building on the southwest side (you have to crouch to go under a half-open parking lot garage door to enter this building).

 Bedroom gold chest location

Have you found any other great Tilted Towers loot locations or have any tips for using this new Fortnite city to make it to the top 10 of a Battle Royale match? Let us know in the comments!

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