Fortnite: Top 18 Best Creative Maps with Codes

Find out the best 18 Creative Island maps and their codes here.

Fortnite is full of new and exciting games to discover with Creative mode. However, finding the best of the best choices can be tricky in the massive library. So, we went ahead and rounded up the Top 18 Creative Maps in Fortnite for you here.

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Top 18 Best Creative Maps with Codes in Fortnite

Fortnite Creative is a great way to explore tons of new game modes in the battle royale. If you’re looking to take a break from the sweaty BR, look no further than the massive library of Creative maps. However, navigating the collection can quickly become a daunting task. But if you look hard enough, there’s a little something for everyone.


Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Island Code: 9369-6922-8408

If you’re looking for a Zombies Fortnite mode and aren’t playing MWZ, this is it. You’ll discover endless hordes of zombies in the city with up to eight other players. The mode is fully PVE, and you can upgrade and unlock your weapons.

The Sword

Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Island Code: 8503-9191-2084

If you’re looking for a Souls-like in Fortnite, look no further. The Sword emulates what fans of the genre are after, providing you with only a sword to defeat a formidable boss. This one’s not easy.

Team Gun Game

Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Island Code: 2128-4796-8329

This is Team Gun Game in Fortnite — with a twist. The game mode takes place with build mode activated. You’ll spawn with a full loadout and get a random loadout with each elimination. The first team to 100 eliminations wins.

Cars Tycoon

Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Island Code: 2844-7565-5598

Cars Tycoon is a great place to live out your Sims and/or racing RPG fantasy in Fortnite. Your progress will be saved as you collect cars and slowly build up the mansion of your dreams. You can even collect more than 100 pets.

New City 2

Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Island Code: 8352-7392-6528

An open-world PVP free-for-all, New City 2 will put you in a sprawling city with tons of PoIs to explore. From beaches and forests to helicopters and luxury cars, there’s plenty to enjoy.

Ranked Realistic (2v2)

Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Island Code: 4189-1486-3520

Looking to sweat it up in Creative mode? Ranked Realistic is perfect for you. The 2v2 Box Fight mode provides plenty of practice for ranked build mode — just without the chance of actually losing ranks.

Prop Hunt — The Farm

Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Island Code: 8501-8633-3015

Prop Hunt is a laidback, silly game mode where one team works to find players disguised as objects or “props.” in the environment. Eliminated Props will join the Hunters team — equipped with pistols or bows — and slowly seek out and defeat the other Props. Additionally, the Farm features seasonal maps to keep things fresh.

Zombie Prop Hunt

Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Island Code: 2499-8209-2902

Similar to the aforementioned Prop Hunt on the farm, Zombie Prop Hunt will have you play as a Prop or a Hunter. However, Zombie Prop Hunt provides you with some fun Fortnite tools like Boogie Bombs — and there are zombies.

Murder Mystery

Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Island Code: 5253-8468-3364

Murder Mystery is exactly as it sounds. You’ll receive a role at the beginning of the match, either as an Innocent or a Murderer. Win by surviving the round or getting eliminations as the killer.

Black Rain

Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Island Code: 4322-7855-5269

Black Rain is great for fans of horror exploration. You’ll be placed into a darkly lit mansion and need to locate a flashlight to find your way out of the mystery.

Craft Tycoon

Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Island Code: 1254-1353-2484

Craft Tycoon is perfect for fans of the tycoon genre. You’ll start with a humble plot of land and slowly transform it into a massive island with new workstations, pets, and more.

[Horror] Joker

Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Island Code: 4686-0170-8607

A 4-player team-based escape room, Joker has quickly risen in popularity because of its atmosphere and quality. The horror game will start you in the attic of a house, and you’ll search for a way out while avoiding the creepy Joker in the house.

Minigame Box PVP

Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Island Code: 8532-9413-6963

With up to 16 players, Minigame Box PVP is a great party game if you’re looking for a good time. The game mode includes 30 minigames, with more added weekly. Discover games like the Floor is Lava, Chicken Fight, and more.

Crazyy Red Vs Blue

Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Island Code: 2898-7886-8847

With up to 20 players, Crazyy Red Vs Blue is perfect for a Team Deathmatch mode. You’ll unlock more weapons as you play, so it only gets more and more fun.

Parkour City Tag

Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Island Code: 3957-2847-4747

Looking for a silly, good time? Parkour City Tag is a 10-minute round of tag in a downtown city with high buildings to jump off and run around. Tag sounds simple, but the variety in the landscape will give you a challenge.

Snipers Vs. Runners — Dollhouse

Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Island Code: 2301-1112-2208

With up to 48 players spread out between two teams, Snipers Vs. Runners — Dollhouse is a game where you’ll fight to eliminate all players in the dollhouse or try to be the last toy standing.

Uno Card Chaos

Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Island Code: 8839-8916-9619

Card Chaos brings you the classic crazy eights card game Uno. It’s fully animated and has matchmaking, so you don’t need to worry about queuing up with a friend. Perfect for a different kind of battle royale experience.

Fort Who: Guess Who

Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Island Code: 5794-2200-8636

Fort Who is the most popular Guess Who game in Fortnite. You’ll have the choice of 10 categories, so it’s got plenty to choose from. You’ll be assigned your character once the category is decided. Additionally, you’ll have prompted questions, giving you a bit of guidance as you play.

Those are the best Fortnite Creative maps with their codes. Stay tuned with us at our guides hub here for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs.

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