Find the exact location of the Battle Star in Fortnite's Season 4, Week 10 challenge with the help of our quick guide.

Fortnite Week 10 Battle Star Guide: Search Between Movie Titles

Find the exact location of the Battle Star in Fortnite's Season 4, Week 10 challenge with the help of our quick guide.

This week’s Fortnite Battle Star location is encoded within the titles of the movies that can be seen near Risky Reels. You should know this location well as it is the only drive-in theater on the map.

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However, you don’t even need to look for the movie titles themselves. Just follow our quick guide below, and you’ll easily find the Battle Star and complete the challenge for Week 10 of Season 4.

Fortnite map showing location of battlestar for week 9 challenges

If you look at the announcement at the drive-in theater, you’ll discover that the movie titles have changed to the following:

  • White Lion
  • The Orange Crusher
  • TV Dreams

White Lion is obviously referring a statue of a lion located right in front of the new soccer stadium in the northwestern part of the map, right above Pleasant Park. You’ll notice the statue at the entrance of the stadium.

The Orange Crusher refers to the car-crushing machine located at Junk Junction, west from the stadium. This machine is painted bright orange, so that’s definitely what you’re looking for.

Lastly, the TV Dreams movie title refers to the TV studio north of the stadium. And by looking at the intersection of these three spots, you’ll find the Battle Star on the patch of land with no grass near the road (see the screenshot above for exact location).

Walk up to the Battle Star and claim your reward. This will complete the challenge for Week 10.

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