Forza Motorsport: Crashing Fix Guide

If your copy of Forza Motorsport has issues with crashing, here are some fixes that may solve your issue.

Image via Xbox Game Studios
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In our review of the game, we found that Forza Motorsport provides a mostly stable experience on the various performance modes it provides. However, not everyone has had the same stable experience, especially on PC. In fact, many Forza Motorsport players have complained of issues, be it bugs, graphical glitches, or even hard crashes. In terms of crashes, this is arguably the most frustrating as it kicks you from the game completely and potentially ruins something of extreme importance, be it a high-stakes multiplayer qualifier or a hard-fought career mode race. Here’s a guide on how to fix these crashes in Forza Motorsport.

Forza Motorsport: Crashing Fix Guide

Image via Xbox Game Studios

Unfortunately, not all game crashes are created equally in Forza Motorsport, and there doesn’t seem to be a one-size-fits-all fix to the issue. This means that if your copy of the game is experiencing crashing issues, you may have to do several things before your issue is solved. Here are some of the crash fixes in Forza Motorsport:

  • Uninstall and reinstall your game. An obvious yet helpful tip: installs of games don’t always go smoothly. And sometimes, a simple reinstallation will do the trick.
  • Make sure your PC meets the minimum requirements. If you’re playing Forza Motorsport on PC and are experiencing crashes and/or other glitches on a regular basis, it’s possible that it’s your system — not the actual game — that’s causing the issue. We recently did a guide on both the minimum and recommended PC requirements for Forza Motorsport, so be sure to check that out to make sure your PC is up to spec.
  • Run the game on Windows as administrator. Crashes are occasionally the result of an operating system flubbing up user permission here and there. Running the game as an Administrator by right-clicking the game icon and selecting this option might fix crashes.
  • Update your graphics drivers. Updating your graphics drivers is something even the most seasoned of gamers often forget to do. If Forza Motorsport is continuously crashing on you, it could be because these graphic drivers are not up to date. All graphics cards come with built-in software to find and install updates to the drivers. Do this, then try again.

These are some crash fixes in Forza Motorsport that should fix your issues. If you’re looking for more Forza Motorsport tips and tricks, be sure to check out its dedicated hub.

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