Foxhole has a lot of Ranks. But what are they good for and how do you get them?

Foxhole Ranks Guide

Foxhole has a lot of Ranks. But what are they good for and how do you get them?
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Foxhole is a recently-released MMO where you take part in persistent, long-term wars between hundreds of players at any given moment. One of the many systems that contribute Foxhole‘s strategic gameplay is the Ranks system, which is made to emulate the ranks currently found in modern militaries. You start off as a Private (technically you start without an actual rank, but that’s neither here nor there) and can work your way all the way up to being a General and eventually even a Field Marshal.

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As you would in real life, you start Foxhole as a Private (technically, you start without an actual rank, but that’s neither here nor there), and you work your way all the way to General — and eventually even Field Marshal.

Ascending this echelon is relatively simple: all you need are the commendations of those that serve alongside you. In theory, the idea is that you are rewarded by your teammates for helping the war effort move to new front lines. However, that is not how things always work in Foxhole. In practice, players often abuse the system — it’s entirely common to see people trade commendations to rank up faster. So while that may seem like an easy way to jump the ranks, this method is dangerous because you can also be reprimanded, which is means you’ll lose commendation points.

And on top of that, the only real reward for Ranks in Foxhole comes very early on — and that’s your ability to create Squads. This privilege is earned once you reach the rank of Corporal (Cpl), which only requires 8 total commendations. Squads serve as teams and can also claim property for themselves. The only other reward that you might receive is social clout amongst your Foxhole peers, or subordinates, depending on how into the game you are.

But if you’re still dead set on climbing the bootstrapped ladder, here is a list of Foxhole‘s ranks and how many total commendations you need to obtain each rank:

Rank Required Commendations
Pte (Private) 1 Commendation
LCpl (Lance Corporal) 4 Commendations
Cpl (Corporal) 8 Commendations
Sgt (Sergeant) 20 Commendations
SSgt (Staff Sergeant) 50 Commendations
WO2 (Warrant Officer 2) 100 Commendations
WO1 (Warrant Officer 1) 150 Commendations
OCdt (Officer Cadet) 200 Commendations
2Lt (Second Lieutenant) 500 Commendations
Lt (Lieutenant) 800 Commendations
Cpt (Captain) 1,200 Commendations
Maj (Major) 1,800 Commendations
LT Col (Lieutenant Colonel) 2,700 Commendations
Col (Colonel) 3,900 Commendations
Brig (Brigadier) 5,900 Commendations
Maj Gen (Major General) 8,900 Commendations
Lt Gen (Lieutenant General) 13,400 Commendations
Gen (General) 19,900 Commendations
FM (Field Marshal) 29,900 Commendations


If you reach Field Marshal, then you for sure know that you are a useful asset to any army. That, or you have spent most of your time campaigning for commendations. Either way, you now know how to achieve these ranks and how far you have until you get your next Foxhole rank.  

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