Gaining ELO: Putting The Carry Back Into ADC

Playing ADC in League of Legends can be difficult. Here are 3 quick tips that will help you more than you would think.

Playing ADC in League of Legends can be difficult. Here are 3 quick tips that will help you more than you would think.

League of Legends can be frustrating at times. You can read guides and have their builds memorized better than anything, but you still keep having issues crawling through the lower leagues. Most of us have been there. However, it is possible to get yourself out. Here are three tips you need to remember that can get you through bronze, when playing as an AD Carry.

Find a champion you are comfortable with.

There are quite a few AD carries you can play as, however picking the right one can be difficult. In the end it all comes down to your specific play style. For example, if you want raw power, but don’t mind lacking in mobility, Varus, Miss Fortune, or Jinx would be a good choice. If you are willing to sacrifice damage for mobility, Corki, Ezreal, and Tristana have some off the greatest abilities to get in or out of battle. Take your time playing unranked or Dominion games. It won’t take long to find the champion that feels right to you.

Know when you can poke your enemy.

It can be difficult balancing out when to go for the last hit on a minion, or poking your enemy. If you are ever in doubt, always go for the last hit on the minion. The gold income is always better than doing a small amount of damage to your enemy.

However, if you are daring, the best time to poke an enemy champion is when they are looking to last hit a minion. They will have to choose between either last hitting the minion, trading damage with you, or backing away and losing the gold. Often times it will work in your favor if timed correctly.

How much CS should I have at 10 minutes?

This is a common question for bottom lane ADC. Some people say 70, some have said 100. The best number that will never fail you when it comes to this question is more than your enemy. Having the gold from killing 70 minions at 10 minutes doesn’t mean much if your enemy has more. Even having 30 cs at the 10 minute mark is fine, as long as you have more than your enemy. The game is never a race against the clock, but a race against your opponent to buy more items first.

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